Gondiswil, Bern, Switzerland

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Gondiswil is a municipality, belonging to the church parish of Melchnau. It consists of over 3½ square miles and had a population of about 1400 in 1850.


The community or gemeinde of Gondiswil was the heimat or ancestral home of 20 different surnames. The Register of Swiss Surnames provides the surnames associated with every gemeinde or community in Switzerland. The register provides correct spellings for surnames and place names.

Locations within Gondiswil

A google map that shows the villages in Gondiswil centuries old; namely, Schwandi, Seilere, Fribach, etc.

Church records

The records of people who lived in Gondiswil will be found in the parish registers of Melchanu.


There are numerous compiled genealogies that have been created since 1900; however, they need to verified by researching the parish registers since it has been proven that a percentage of them are inaccurate.

The following genealogies have been researched for Gondiswil families: