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Information from Chanda Harrold-Ka’aihue and The Garden Island Newspaper 

, Jacin??? 4-Feb-08 28-Jun-89 Wooden Cross, broken
A????, Valentine - - .Wooden Cross
Acain - - .
Aceret, Gary V. 3-Jul-00 6-Mar-74 Headstone
Acoba, Antonio "Tony" Madariaga 9-Dec-10 7-Jan-88 .Wooden Cross
Acoba, Iriineo 24-Mar-33 23-Oct-95 -
Acoba, Irineo - 23-Oct-95 Info Garden Island Newspaper 11 May 1999
Acoba, Julia 25-May-33 25-May-33 Headstone; four graves; tin marker
Acoba, Manuel 21-Oct-57 1-Mar-83 Headstone, praying hands and cross
Acoba, Rafael 24 Oct 1896 8-Aug-45 Headstone; four graves; tin marker
Acoba, V. Paulinaa 22 Apr 1899 5-Jul-68 Headstone; four graves; tin marker
Acoba, Yukiko O. 10-Aug-21 28-Dec-93 Wooden Cross
Adolfo, Lorenzo G. 14 Nov 1902 28-May-80 Headstone shape of a heart Beloved Father
Adorable, Ceferina 25-Aug-30 29-Jul-91 Age 60 Wooden Cross
Agana, Geronimo 22 Oct 1894 25-Feb-35 In Memory Of
Agoto, Hilda Gomes 28-Dec-19 8-Apr-86 Headstone Beloved Wife and Mother
Agoto, Sr., Patricio 8-Jul-07 3-Jun-96 Age 88 Borthwick Kauai Mortuary
Agtuca, Juana T. - 13 Mar 19?? In Memory of
Agtuca, M. C. - 28-Oct-89 Headstone with cement slab, broken headstone
Agtuca, Sopronia C. 17 Nov 1893 9-Apr-60 Headstone, grave has a cement border
Aguinaldo, Juan A. 31-Jan-04 21-Sep-67 Headstone; Marcela, Martina
Aguinaldo, Leonida 15-Jan-30 2-Oct-83 Headstone with hearts; Love Forever More
Akana, Juanita C. 19-Aug-22 26-Dec-81 Plot surrounded by cement with 3 separate graves
Alayvilla, Georen Joseph - 20-Jun-87 Wooden Cross
Albarico, Eulogio T. 11 Mar 1902 Illegible Cement stones around grave with wooden cross
Albarico, Mary L. 25-Feb-13 - In Loving Memory
Allado, Rodolfo H. 15-May-41 21-Dec-63 Bronze plate with vase Jesus on cross
Aquino, Rufino 24-Sep-11 26-Oct-41 Headstone with picture
Arciga, Ignacia R. 23 Feb 1901 24-Mar-95 Wooden Cross
Arellano?, Fernado - 26-Sep R.I.P.
Asawa, Alaala A. P. - - -
Bacio, Isidoro 8 Feb 1875 28-Jan-46 Headstone
Bacio, Julia Medena 11-Apr-03 18-Feb-51 Plot surrounded by cement with 3 separate graves
Badua, Paulino D. 24-Nov-15 7-Nov-94 Wooden Cross R.I.P.
Balacua, Feliciano 1897 1937 Headstone In Memoy of; First Makaweli Filipino Com. Pres
Balagan, Moises M. 12 Jan 1900 10-Feb-71 Headstone with cross etched Beloved Husband Father
Balagan, Paz L. 24 Hab 1902 29-May-75 Headstone; Beloved Wife, Mother
Balagan, Paz L. 24 Jan 1902 29-May-75 Headstone with cross etched in
Balmidiano, Bernardino 6-May-04 9-Apr-71 Wooden Cross
Baniaga, Apolonio S. 15 Jan 1884 28-Feb-48 Headstone with cross etched in, also photo
Baniaga, Maria R. 8 Dec 1891 2-Aug-75 Headstone, cement slab, Cross etched in headstone
Baniaga, Pedro Pete R. 20-Oct-10 17-Jun-96 Headstone with flowers and cross etched in it
Bareng, Bernardino 20 Jul 1920 Laoga, I. Norte P.I. 3 Dec 1946 Makaweli, Kauai Headstone with cement slab
Battad, Augustino 1894 22-Jul-58 Lava rock headstone
Bermudez, Ruben Q. 7-Dec-08 21-Mar-89 R.I.P. Family Remembrance
Bobiles, Juan 12-Mar-34 28-Dec-80 Headstone; Our Beloved Father
Bobiles, Maria B. 11 Jul 1903 4-Sep-68 Headstone, cross etched into stone; Beloved Mother
Bobiles, Severo 15 Jul 1901 26-Nov-89 Headstone Our Beloved Father
Bongbonga, Modesto A. 11-Jan-18 2-Jan-76 R.I.P.
Borello, K. V., Jose 6 May 1906 Philippines 24 Jul 1943 Kauai Headstone donated by Kauai Pinapple Co and Company E Kauai Volunteers
Brado, Rofina Cal - - Wooden Cross
Bramos, Hermini Gilda 11-Apr-17 27-Oct-45 Home made headstone, made out of cement
Bugarin, Basilio T. 22-Oct-15 27-Feb-65 Small cememt slab for headstone with My Dad engraved directly into cement
Butac, Alfredo A. 6-Apr-08 19-Jan-76 Headsone, cross etched into cement block.
Butac, Felipe 14-Jan-09 14-Dec-87 Headstone w/ flowers etched into stone; photo in stone
Cabacungan, Milan Jessica Jenson - - Wooden Cross
Cabana, Venancio - 28-Jan-88 Wooden Cross
Caesar, Sr., Duarte 1-Jan-09 18-Sep-92 Headstone, Good Friend, Father and Grandfather
Callejo, Louis - 25-Feb-95 Info Garden Island Newspaper 5 Mar 1999
Carvalao, E. 8/10/2008 4/10/2016 Older Headstone
Castillio, Martin A. 15-Dec-01 5-Nov-82 Wooden Cross
Castillo, Modesto - 19-Nov-95 Info Garden Island Newspaper 24 Nov 1999
Castilo, Baby Lorita - - Cement slab, name is etched into cement
Castilo, Shizuko One date 23 Sep 1963 - Flat cement slab, name etched into cement
Centeno, Loreto P. 9-Dec-06 27-Mar-83 Wooden Cross
Colobong, Lorenzo R. 8-Aug-06 1-Dec-83 Wooden Cross
Constantino, Joseph V. 16-Dec-86 - Wooden Cross
Cruz, Margaret 23-Feb-25 26-Aug-95 Plot w/ 3 separate graves Borthwick Kauai Mortuary
Cruze, Anastacio 2 May 1888 20-Oct-71 Headstone with cement slab
Dancel, Feliy 2-Feb-13 27-Jan-46 Paoay I.N., P. I.
Dannog, Mariano 5 Aug 1893 24-Jul-85 Wooden Cross with tin marker
De Fabian, Isabel 5 Jul 1903 24-Aug-75 Headstone with cement slab
De Fabian, Placido 12 Jan 1900 3-Dec-72 Headstone with cement slab
Dela Cruz, Antolina 20-Jan-10 6-Jun-83 Wooden Cross
Dela Cruz, Dorthy F. 13-Jun-13 28-Jan-78 Headstone with flowers and praying hands etched into it
Dela Cruz, Estrellita Ellen 13-Apr-46 14-Apr-46 Heart shaped headstone, angels and flowers etched
Dela Cruz, Shayne Scott 14-Mar-58 2-May-58 Headstone with fancy etching
Delos Reyes, Fortonato 25-Dec-08 7-Jan-72 Headstone
Deperalta, Eustaquio 10 Dec 1901 23-Apr-64 Headstone; Cross etched into it
Domingcil, Alfredo - 12-Apr-86 Wooden Cross
Domingcil, Alfredo F. 9-Mar-08 12-Apr-86 Headstone, with flowers and books
Domingcil, Petra N. 10-Jul-06 18-Jul-93 -
Donallan, Dolores A. 24-Nov-45 20-Apr-97 Age 61; Headstone; four graves; tin marker
Duarte, Darrick John 6-Aug-60 31-Aug-77 Headstone grapevines and cross Beloved Son and Brother
Dureg, Tobias P. 3-Jul-09 10-Mar-81 Headstone, two hearts etched into stone "Love Evermore"
Emayo, Benedicta Espinosa 8-Sep-02 1-Feb-87 Headstone, Beloved Wife and Mother
Erlandiz, Angeline - - Beloved Mom and Dad
Erlandiz, Celedonio - - Beloved Mom and Dad
Esposo, Rosit M. 8-Dec-14 9-Jan-84 Wooden Cross and Headstone; In Loving Memory of
Estrada Dec 1901 14 Nov 197? Wooden Cross
Estrada, Carmen De 16-Apr - Wooden Cross
Facain - - Grave surrounded by cement
Fajardo, Juan Diego 11-Jun-05 22-Mar-94 R.I.P.
Fajardo, Liberata Alipio 20 Dec 1895 25-Jul-82 Wooden Cross
Fernadez, Terry Lee James A. 21-Dec-84 25-Dec-84 Wooden Cross R.I.P.
Fernandez, Esteban T. 29-Dec-07 28-Aug-71 Headstone; Grave surrounded by cement
Fernandez, Simon 27-Oct-02 11-Feb-82 Wooden Cross
Fiesta, Rodrigo 5-Feb-40 7-May-86 1 Nov 2001 Headstone The Lord Has Given Him Rest
Francisco, Cornelia 2 Dec 1893 23-Mar-46 In Memory of
Galingana, Miguel Ram? 19-Jun-59 - Age 75 Years Wooden Cross
Galion, Juan - - -
Galla, Guillermo 9-Feb-05 16-Feb-76 Headstone
Gallego, Patricio - - Philippine Isl. Mess Attendant 1 Cl. U.S. Navy
Galutira, Irineo B. 19-Jun-16 21-Feb-87 Cement slab w/marble insert; Family Remembrance
Ganal, Federico B. 29-Feb-04 12-Aug-88 Headstone with cross and flower etched in
Garania, Januario A. 25-Jun-19 24-Feb-77 Headstone with Picture
Gomes, Mary C. 12 Nov 1895 1-Jun-74 -
Grande, Sr., Santiago G. - 2-Apr-95 Info Garden Island Newspaper 14 Apr 1999
Guillermo, Clemencia Martinez 13-Nov-33 2-Jun-96 Age 62 Garden Island Mortuary Ltd.
Guillermo, Julio A. 14-May-08 29-Jan-82 Headstone with cement slab, Cross etched into headstone
Guillermo, Pio R. 4-May-03 8-Jun-86 Fancy Wooden Cross
Iadiy, Margarita 6 Nov 1892 8-Mar-41 Headstone, Beloved Mother
Igaya, Harvey - - In plot there are three graves [see Pagiyo]
Igne, Luciano 1 Jan 1899 - Wooden Cross
Jaramilla, Adriano D. 7-Sep-11 16-Sep-84 Wooden Cross and Headstone with picture
Juan, Sr., Jose Alipio 16-Mar-13 9-Oct-83 Wooden Cross Broken
Kamala, Ellen T. 3-Jan-40 9-Sep-94 Surrounded by fence, white painted wooden cross
Kim, Grace Bok Soon 6-Dec-09 7-Sep-05 Beloved wife, Mother and Grandmother She had loved the Lord with all her heart, with all her mind, with all her spirit
Komaki-Kali, Lorraine Kehaulani - 24-Oct-95 Info Garden Island Newspaper 29 Oct 1999
Lacaden, Evaristo 20-Aug-08 17-May-89 -
Lacquiano, Florentina 22-Mar-30 29-Jan-31 Headstone; bird etched into it
Lagazo, Juliana Lagura 10-Jul-21 5-Feb-80 Headstone cement slab on top of grave
Lagoc, Christopher L. 26-Aug-83 26-Aug-83 Wooden Cross
Lagoc, Inocencio C. 30-Jul-20 30-Apr-88 Headstone; Beloved Husband and Father
Lazaro, Pedro V. 27-Jun-03 13-Nov-82 Age 79? Headstone with Picture
Lo?yo, Faustino - - Age 80
Locquiao, Rosie 10-Dec-31 11-Dec-31 Headstone with bird etching
Lopez, Maurice 23-Feb-54 3-Aug-87 Headstone with guitar on it
Lorenzo, Calixto D. 12 Oct 1903 21-Feb-87 Headstone, cross and vines etched it; Beloved Papa, Grandpa, Popo
Lumabao, Sally T. 6-Sep-10 24-Sep-82 Headstone, Beloved Mother
Malabe, Cesaria Pasion 9-Jan-09 2-Jan-83 Wooden Cross
Malabe, Jose P. 15-Jun-30 23-Jan-93 Wooden Cross
Malabe, Sergio M. 28-Sep-01 3-Jun-89 Wooden Cross
Maluyo, Silverio E. 19-Jun-19 12-Nov-77 Headstone has picture on the stone
Nabaro, John 1/11/2012 6/7/2013 Headsone has flowers etched into it at the top
Noblisse, Janice - - Wooden Cross
Obtinario, Lourdes R. 1900 1930 -
Obtinario, Tiborcio M. 1891 1969 -
Orita, Sr., Arnold [Ano Antonio] 12-Jul-10 4-Jul-63 Small lava rock wall with grave surrounded by lava rock
Ormi, Gualbertro 9-Jul-06 13 Sep 1901 Age 91
Pablo, Amadeo A. - - Wooden Cross Broken
Padilla, Ricardo R. 7-Jan-08 28-Nov-84 Headstone In Loving Memory To My Loving Husband
Pagala, Florentino 1907 1991 -
Pagiyo, Joseph - - In plot there are three graves
Pagiyo, Virginia - - In plot there are three graves
Parinas, Domingo L. 12-Nov-11 7-Jan-85 Headstone In Loving Memory of
Parinas, Thomas L. 23-Apr-13 18-Nov-85 Wooden cross and Headstone; In Loving Memory
Pelesa, Auanio 2-Jul-20 - Headstone and broken cement cross
Peralta, Jose G. 27 Aug 1903 27-Jan-80 Wooden Cross
Pulido, Urbano M. 8-May-05 18-Dec-84 Wooden Cross, Headstone, Always in our hearts
Punsaan, Perdo I. 3-Jul-14 16-Jun-95 Wooden Cross
Rama, Digna 6 Jun 1896 14-Apr-45 In Memory
Ramos, Ignacia 23 Feb 1901 24-Mar-95 Plot, Headstone with angel sitting at bottom of headstone
Ramos, Lupo Borgos 6-Jun-01 2-Mar-43 Plot, Headstone with angel sitting at bottom of headstone
Ramos, Rufino Valdez 4-Jul-05 11-Sep-89 Headstone w/ Jesus etched in; Devoted Husband and Beloved Father; His courage, his smile, his grace, gladden the hearts of those who have the privilage of loving him
Rapozo, Ben 1/29/1997 4/14/2016 Older Headstone
Remata, Joan - - Wooden Cross
Remiglo, Francisco - - Age 68 yrs.
Rivera, Celestino C. 9 Feb 1895 15-Jul-73 Headstone, cross etched in
Rivera, Josta B. - 28-Sep-29 Headstone, cross etched in
Rivera, Swain S. 2-Aug-51 18-Apr-65 Headstone, cement surrounding grave
Rupisan, Sr., Alejandro G. 15-Mar-02 6-May-86 Headstone with wooden cross behind headstone
Sagawa, Lyana Reiko - - -
Sagucio, Carlina G. 1935 - White wooden cross, Grave surrounded by cinder block
Santiago, Luis - - Homemade headstone; INRI; In Memory of
Sensano, Patrocinia 21-Nov-09 6-Mar-87 Wooden Cross
Siapoc, Elias Antonio 9-Aug-38 9-Jan-85 1 Nov 2001 Headstone
Soriano, Sixto G. 5-Aug-12 12-Jun-89 -
Taboniar, Jr., Joseph Wayne - 18-Dec-95 Info Garden Island Newspaper 24 Dec 1999
Valdez, Dionicio 8-May-08 - Headstone with picture
Vasquez, Lucio 17 Dec 1890 3-Jan-42 Headstone: Hawaii CPL 2 Hawaii Infantry World War I
Vea, Corrine Tomasine - 7-Aug -
Villaflor, Dolores Batis 1-May-20 11-Sep-93 Large Wooden Cross
Viquelia, Mary D. C. - - White wooden cross
Viquelia, Mary R. 10-Nov-16 26-Sep-80 White wooden cross
Viquelia, Paul M. - - White wooden cross

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