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This page's purpose is to help guide the moderators in filling out the Help Wanted page that is linked to the State pages. In the future it will contain instruction for all Help Wanted Pages for both states and countries.

Moderator instruction

Below is the instruction for each of the page sections for the Moderator to use to fill out the page so volunteers will be able to contribute to the Wiki.

Pages & Projects That Need Your Help

Beginner Projects

As the moderator you can select projects for the State pages that will let the beginners use their skills. Two suggested projects are checking for broken links or adding categories to pages, but also look for items most needed to make the pages clear. Then place the links to these after the 3 letters on the Help Wanted page.

Wanted Pages

Under this section volunteers are guided to wanted pages to contribute their knowledge. We ask you to put down links to pages that you feel need this work and would help improve your state pages. The list of Wanted pages.

Moderator Needed

If you are not already a Moderator and you are interested in being a moderator for a specific locality or research subject, Please contact the Support Team. More information about moderators can be found here