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  • Named for David Johnson, settled about 1790 (Wikipedia)

The Johnson Bayou settlement began in 1790 when Daniel Johnson discovered the oak-studded ridges along the bayous. He built a two-story home on the north ridge above Deep Bayou. His relatives soon joined him. Johnson Bayou once had over 1,200 residents, two post offices, cotton gins, syrup mills, a cotton brokerage house, a shingle mill and a 24-room hotel. [1]

A devastating hurricane destroyed Johnson Bayou on 12 October 1886. During the terrifying hurricane, a storm surge of betwen seven and twelve feet swept inland, killing between 50 and 110 people. [2]

Many of the survivors returned to northern states or moved to Texas. The discovery of oil and improved pasture for cattle eventually helped the community to regain a population similar to what it had before the 1886 storm.[1]



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