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Kornthal refers to a prosperous agricultural community of Austrian and German Evangelical Reformed church members that existed from 1852 to about 1950 about two miles due south of Jonesboro, Union County, Illinois. It also refers to Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church located at the center of the community in Meisenheimer Precinct. It never formed an actual town, rather it was a loosely associated group of farms and homesteads centered around the church and sawmill located on Dutch Creek.

Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church has no cemetery. Burials occured in other nearby cemeteries including Kollenher Cemetery, Grieb Cemetery, Ebenezer German Cemetery, and Jonesboro City Cemetery. The church and parsonage still exist and are open several times a year for memorial services and is available for weddings by reservation. It's membership declined in the 1930's and the congregation was absorbed into other Lutheran churches in the area. The church, parsonage, and grounds are maintained by the Kornthal Pioneer Memorial.