Maryland Civil War Confederate Units 1st through 4th

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The information in this list of Ohio Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site. This web site can also be searched by the name of a soldier.

  • 1st Battery, Maryland Artillery
    1st Artillery Company [also called the Maryland Flying Battery] was organized at Richmond, Virginia, in July, 1861.
    It surrendered with 1 officer and 36 men.
  • 1st Regiment, Maryland Cavalry (Confederate)
    Began its formation in May, 1862 and became a four-company battalion at Winchester, Virginia in November.
    In April, 1865, it cut through Federal lines at Appomattox and disbanded.
  • 2nd Battalion, Maryland Cavalry
    Organized at Staunton, Virginia, in September, 1863. After serving as partisan rangers, it was mustered into Confederate service in May, 1864
  • 2nd Battalion, Maryland Infantry
    2nd Infantry Regiment, often called 1st or 2nd Battalion, formerly the 1st Infantry Battalion, was organized at Winchester, Virginia in September, 1862.
    In May, 1864, it surrendered.
  • 2nd Battery, Maryland Artillery
    Usually known as the Baltimore Battery, was formed in September, 1861.
    It served as infantry in the trenches of Petersburg. It lost. And in action at Gettysburg, it surrendered
  • 3rd Battery, Maryland Artillery
    Organized at Richmond, Virginia, in January, 1862
    Captured at Vicksburg. After being exchanged, the officers and men were consolidated with the Stephens Georgia Light Artillery
  • 4th Battery, Maryland Artillery
    4th Artillery Company [also called Chesapeake Battery] was organized at Richmond, Virginia, during the spring of 1862. The battery lost 1 wounded at Second Manassas, had 4 killed and 12 wounded of the 76 at Gettysburg, and surrendered