Mississippi Civil War Confederate Units 1st through 3rd

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The information in this list of Mississippi Military Units comes from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors web site (CWSS). That web site can also be searched by the name of a soldier.

1st Battalions

  • 1st Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry (State Troops) (Ham's)
    [Also known as Ham's Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry / 16th Battalion State Cavalry]
    Organized May 18, 1863 at Guntown. 
    Re-inlisted in early 1864 in the State service and transferred in May to the Confederate States service.
    "Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no history for this unit.
  • 1st Battalion, Mississippi Sharpshooters
    Also called 10th and 20th Battalion. 
    Organized during the fall of 1862 with three Mississippi companies from the 2nd Confederate Infantry Regiment.
    Surrendered on April 26, 1865.
    Commanded by Majors William A. Rayburn and James M. Stigler.

1st Regiments

  • 1st Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry Reserves (Denis')
    (Also known as 1st Battalion Mississippi Cavalry Reserves)
     Commanded by Colonel Jules C. Denis, Lieutenant-Colonel D. W. Metts, and Major J. F. Meston.
    "Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no history for this unit.
  • 1st Regiment, Mississippi Infantry (Johnston's)
    Organization at Corinth, Mississippi, during the spring of 1861. 
    Surrendered in April, 1865. 
    Commanded by Colonels Thomas H. Johnston and John M. Sumonton, Lieutenant Colonel A.S. Hamilton, and Major M.S. Alcorn.
  • 1st Regiment, Mississippi Light Artillery
    Organized during the late summer of 1862 with eleven companies. 
    Disbanded before the end of the war.
    Commanded by Colonel William T. Withers, Lieutenant Colonel James P. Parker, and Majors Benjamin R. Holmes and Jefferson L. Wofford.

2nd Battalions

  • 2nd Battalion, Mississippi Infantry
    Organized at Jackson, Mississippi the summer of 1861 with five companies, later increased to six. 
    Additional companies joined November 1862 and it became the 48th Mississippi Regiment. 
    Commanded by Lieutenant Colonels Thomas B. Manlove, John G. Taylor, and William S. Wilson.
  • 2nd Battalion, Mississippi State Cavalry (Harris's)
    Organized for State service, in the fall of 1863 in Northeast Mississippi.
    Reorganized under the direction of General Gholson and transferred to the Confederate States service May 1, 1864.
    Commanded by Major Thomas W. Harris, Adjutant James Moore, Quartermaster Carroll Ferguson, Surgeon John E. Turner.
    "Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no history for this unit.

2nd Regiments

  • 2nd Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry [Also known as 4th and 42nd Regiment]
    Organized during the spring of 1863.
    Formerly the 47th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, which never completed its organization.
    Commanded by Colonels Edward Dillon and J.L. McCarty, Lieutenant Colonel James Gordon, and Majors J.L. Harris and John J. Perry.
  • 2nd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry 
    Organized at Corinth, Mississippi in April, 1861. 
    Mustered in at Harper's Ferry, Virginia.
    Commanded by Colonels William C. Falkner and John M. Stone; Lieutenant Colonels John A. Blair, Bartley B. Boone, and D.W. Humphreys; and Major John H. Buchanan.
  • 2nd Regiment, Mississippi State Cavalry (Smith’s) (Lowry’s) [also called 6th MS State Cavalry]
    Organized April 1863 to state service.
    Transferred to confederate service in May 1864.
    Consolidated March 20, 1865 with Ashcroft's, Ham's, and Lowry's Cavalry Regiment.
    Commanded by Colonels J.P. Smith of State troops, William L. Lowry, of Confederate States troops, Lieutenant-Colonels William L. Lowry, Joseph A. Johnson. Major L.L. Marshall.
    "Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no history for this unit.

3rd Regiments

  • 3rd Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry
    Organized during the spring of 1863 as the 3rd Mississippi State Cavalry . 
    Mustered into Confederate service in April, 1864. 
    Commanded by Colonel John McGuirk, Lieutenant Colonel H.H. Barksdale, and Major Thomas W. Webb.
  • 3rd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry
    Organized in the spring of 1861 at Enterprise, Mississippi.
    Commanded byColonels John B. Deason and Thomas A. Mellon; Lieutenant Colonels Samuel M. Dyer, Robert Eager, James B. McRae, and E.A. Peyton; and Major William H. Morgan.

Other 3rd Units

  • 3rd Mississippi District
    "Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. contains no history for this unit.
  • 3rd Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry (Ashcraft's)
    Organized May, 1864, with eight companies. 
    Formed by consolidating the 2nd and 3rd Battalions State Cavalry.
    Surrendered in May, 1865. 
    Commanded by Colonel Thomas C. Ashcraft, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W. Harris, and Major E.L. Hawkins.
  • 3rd Battalion, Mississippi Infantry
    3rd (Williams') Infantry Battalion, formerly the 45th Mississippi Regiment, was organized July, 1864 with five companies.
    Surrendered April 26, 1865. 
    Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John D. Williams and Major Elisha F. Nunn.