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Church Records

Nordstrand clerical district was part of Østre Aker until 1906. Prior to 1861, the records are found in Vestre Aker clerical district. The Family History Library has records 1881-1900 for Nordstrand. See Østre Aker and Vestre Aker for earlier records.

There are records at Digitalarkivet for 1881-1969.

History of the parish

Nordberg parish was separated from Østre Aker as its own clerical district in 1906. The border with Østre Aker should go from the city limits along Enebakkveien past Manglerud, then between Manglerud and Abelsø to Østensjøvannet, further to Bøler, the south end of Nøklevannet, past Bremsrud and about in an easterly direction to Elvåga.

In 1937 the parish clerical district was divided. The northern part was called Bekkelaget clerical district. The southern part kept the name of Nordstrand clerical district.

In 1959 Lambertseter parish was established with, amongst others, parts of Nordstand.