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Oschitz is a subdivision of the town of Schleiz, Saale-Orla-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany

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Oschitz is first found mentioned in 1327 as “Ossycz” and “Oschicze,” and was a union of two Slavic villages. The two former town centers became known as “upper village” at Kulmberg and the “lower village” around a meadow. Kulm is recognized today for the proto-historic ramparts that still exist.

Gunderam of Oschitz is considered the first lord of the village. The estate later came into the possession of the family of Kospoth and was eventually sold in 1446 to state rule under Lord Vorwerk. Therefore, Oschitz was split between two landlords; the national government and the family of Kospoth.

From 1333, the village belonged to the Mountain Church of Schleiz, until Oschitz built its own church in 1614.

On 9 October 1806, the town greatly suffered from the effects of war. A preliminary battle was fought between Prussia and France in the streets of Oschitz and around Schleiz and Oettersdorf. Napolean observed the battle from the heights of Oschitz and on 10 October 1806 he moved his headquarters for a day to Schleiz castle.
Oschitz belonged to the Thomas Mill. In the area of Lohmen were the mines “Fortuna”, “Fresh Luck” and “Gift of God.” Iron ore and silver were smelt at the Thomas Mill. Later, the ore was transported to the “Iron Steinweg” in Burgkhammer to be processed. In February 1961, Thomas Mill was destroyed, despite protests of dedicated citizens. A sports complex, including a bowling alley, was built on the site, close by the Hermitage. In 1798, Count Heinrich XLII founded the “Hermitage,” a private nature-based retreat. From this facility a thriving summer resort developed along a popular walking route in the Schleizer and still exists today.

Oberoschitz emerged as the town of Oschitz in 1712 by the construction of six houses on the “Heinrich Hain” or “Gray Mountain.” In 1784, an inn was built at the edge of the park.

On April 1, 1923, Oschitz was incorporated into Schleiz.

(This history is a translated excerpt from the official website of Schleiz:  www.schleiz.de/  >stadtinfo>ortsteile>Oschitz)


Lutheran Church:

All church books in the Schleiz area are in the process of being microfilmed by the EKMD (Evangelical Church in Middle Germany) in Eisenach. When the filming is completed sometime in 2011, the books will be returned to their original churches. Milcrofilmed records will then be accessible through Eisenach, see: archive.ekmd-online.de/portal/archive/3-archiv-eisenach/

For inquiries concerning accessing the church books, e-mail or write to:

Ev. - Luth. Kirchgemeinde Schleiz, Stadtkirchnerei
Kirchplatz 3
D - 07907 Schleiz
Tel.: 03663 422 342


Note that fees are charged for searching the church books.

For contact information about the church, see:  www.kirchenkreis-schleiz.de/>Kirchen-Link-Liste>Oschitz

Family history Library Holdings

"Keyword Search" for Thuringen in FamilySearch Catalog result - Die evangelischen Kirchenbucher Thuringens by Karl Guldenapfel FHL Book 943.22 K23g This book gives the starting dates of church books in Reuss j.L., including Schleiz. Oschitz church books began:

  • Baptisms - 1600
  • Marriages - 1604
  • Burials - 1600  [gap 1644-1650]
  • Confession/Communion Register - 1700 [gap 1723-1841]
  • Confirmations - 1855
  • Soul Register/Family Book - 1854. 1901.

These records may be accessed in Germany, as discussed above.