Oswego County, New York Deeds index 1791 - 1861

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This is a link to indexed deeds of Oswego County, New York from 1791 to 1861.  It contains more than 55,000 entries.

  • Upon entering the link the user finds brief instructions, including an internal link to a FAQ file and an entry box into which the user enters names to be researched.
  • User enters last or first and last name into the entry box and hits the enter key
  • The program responds with year, grantor names,  grantee name of deeds,  book, page and FHL USCAN film number.

Before using this program, know this:

  • Avoid using a first name only unless it's an uncommon one (Naby is ok, Mary or George would produce too many results).
  • Avoid using a very common surname only, use a first name with it  (ex. Smith is too common, Fosket is ok).

Where to find these deed indexes (indices?):

What will I see as output?

A listing showing year recorded, grantors name(s), grantees names, Book, Page and FHL US/CAN Film Reference number,


1828       Samuel W Sikes                         John Mickles,Jr                G     377   FHL US/CAN 1012259

        Sophronia Sikes                        

(Sikes is the name requested, 1828 is the year, Samuel and Sophronia Sikes are the grantors of a deed,  John Mickles, Jr is the grantee.  This information was originally recorded in index volume G on page 377.   A picture of the deed can be found on Family History Library microfilm number 1012259, look for book G, page 377).

Whence this index?

This was my volunteer project originally done for the Oswego County, New York Genealogy and Historical Site.  It was entered from two FHL films, FHL US/CAN 1012239 and FHL US/CAN 1012240.  I used my local Family History Library's microfilm readers and my HP laptop.  I started in 2005.  I entered it onto Excel spreadsheets, then uploaded in text format to a database program my son, Paul, wrote for me.  It was/is done in three "shots": 1791 thru 1837, then a few months later, 1838 thru 1850.  Now, finally, 1851 thru 1861.  Lynn Ellsworth, ljells@kina.net

Biggest Problem:

Soundexing is not yet working correctly.  I'd like to show you all the Sikes and Sykes at the same time, as well as all the Ellsworth and Elsworth, etc, etc.  Oh! Well!, maybe someday!  (L Ellsworth)