Passenger Ship Crew Occupations

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Occupations of Crew Members Aboard Passenger Ships
2M is the common abbreviation for 2nd Mate

AB is the common abbreviation for Able Seaman AKA Assistant Bosun

AB, LO is the common abbreviation for Able Seaman, Lookout

AB & Sails

AKA is the common abbreviation for Also Known As

Apprentice AKA Ordinary Seaman commonly abbreviated OS



Barman, Barman & Stores

Bath Steward AKA Baths AKA Bathman

Bathman AKA Bath Steward AKA Baths

Baths AKA Bath Steward AKA Bathman

Bedroom Steward commonly abbreviated BR

Boatswain AKA Bosun

Boatswain's Mate AKA Bosun's Mate


Books was a bookkeeper

Boots was a shoe shiner

Bosun common abbreviation for Boatswain, Foreman over all the Able Seamen and Ordinary Seamen

Bosun's Mate AKA Boatswain's Mate

Boy, Cabin, Deck, Galley, Steward's, Officer's, Messroom, Brass, etc.

BR Steward is the common abbreviation for Bedroom Steward

Brass Boy



Cabin Boy



Captain's Boy

Captain's Steward


Caterer, Firemen's



Cook, Chief, 2nd, 3rd, Vegetable, Passenger's, etc.

Deck Boy AKA Peggy AKA Deck Hand

Deck Hand AKA Deck Boy AKA Peggy

Deck Steward
Donkeyman maintained the donkey engine which powered winches, windlass, pumps, etc.
Engineer, Chief, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, Ice, Refrigeration, etc.
Engineers Storekeeper

FC common abbreviation for First Cabin

Fireman AKA Stoker tended the ship's steam boilers, shoveling coal in and clinkers out

Firemen's Caterer

Galley boy

General Steward commonly abbreviated GS

Greaser, Refrigeration

GS common abbreviation for General Steward
Ice Engineer

Joiner worked with the Carpenter

Lamps, Lamps & Stores, Lamps & AB

Lamptrimmer AKA Lamps

Linenkeeper AKA Linenman
Linenman AKA Linenkeeper

LO is the common abbreviation for Lookout

LO & AB is the common abbreviation for Lookout & Able Seaman

Lookout commonly abbreviated LO

Master was the captain of the ship

Marconi Operator AKA Wireless Operator AKA W/T Operator AKA Wireless
Master at Arms

Mate, 1st, 2nd (commonly abbreviated 2M), 3rd, Bosun's etc.


Messroom Boy

Messrorom Steward

MR Steward is the common abbreviation for Mess Room Steward

Night Watchman commonly abbreviated NWM, AKA Watchman

NWM is the common abbreviation for Night Watchman

Officer's Boy

OS is the common abbreviation for Ordinary Seaman, a low-ranking member of the deck crew

Pantries AKA Pantryman
Pantryman AKA Pantries

Passenger's Cook

Peggy AKA Deck Boy AKA Deck Hand

Porter handled luggage


Purser was a cashier
Quartermaster AKA Stores managed inventory

Refrigeration Engineer

Refrigeration Greaser

Saloon Waiter (Saloon is First Class, Quality Accomodations)


Sculleryman was a dishwasher

Scullion assisted the cook in the kitchen
Seaman AKA Able Seaman AKA Able-Bodied Seaman AKA Assistant Bosun commonly abbreviated AB

Seaman, Ordinary commonly abbreviated OS AKA Apprentice
Silverman tended silverware
Steward, Bedroom, Captains, Officers, 1st Class, 1st Grade, Mess Room, 2nd Grade, Bath, Deck, etc.

Steward, General commonly abbreviated GS

Steward in Charge
Stewardess, FC
Steward's Boy

Stoker, AKA Fireman

Store Keeper, Engineers

Stores AKA Quartermaster managed inventory

Stores & Lamps

Trimmer re-arranged cargo in the ship's hold so the vessel was well-balanced on the water

Vegetable Cook
Waiter, Saloon
Watchman AKA Night Watchman
Water Tender



Wireless AKA Wireless Operator AKA Marconi Operator AKA W/T Operator

Wireless Operator AKA Marconi Operator AKA W/T Operator AKA Wireless