Penick's Company, Virginia Light Artillery

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Brief History

  • Organized during April, 1862.
  • For a time, part of this company served with the 59th Virginia Regiment.
  • It was assigned to J. J. Garnett's, C. Richardson's, and W. T. Poague's Battalion of Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia.
  • The unit served with the army from Fredericksburg to Cold Harbor, was active in the defense of Petersburg, and ended the war at Appomattox.
  • At Gettysburg 4 officers and 86 men saw action, and during April, 1864, there were 3 officers and 72 men present.
  • That September about half (30) the battery was sick, and in April, 1865, it surrendered 2 officers and 68 men.
  • Captains John W. Lewis and Nathan Penick.
  • AKA - Lewis' Battery or Pittsylvania Artillery