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Project Name: Philippines Civil Registration

Number of Consolidated Form Units: 7

Number of Folders: 851

Project Owner: Leandro Quatel,,

Alternative Contacts: Travis Mecham, tqmecham@familysearch.org801-240-5017; Caleb Pusey, 801-240-2592

Project Completion Deadline: March 11, 2011

Assigned Waypointers: Volunteers, Missionaries

Assigned Auditors: Leandro Quatel


  1. Go to ‘File,’ ‘Open Project,’ and select ‘Philippines Civil Registration’ from the drop-down menu, and click ‘OK.’
  2. When the folder finishes loading, highlight the first group of Administrative images. Any image that was not part of the original record should be an Administrative waypoint.
  3. Once the first group of Administrative images is highlighted, click ‘New.’
  4. Scroll through the rest of the Thumbnails and repeat the highlight and ‘New’ action for each group of Administrative images you find. Most folders will have several Administrative groups in the middle.
  5. Once all Administrative images are marked, switch the Template in the Waypoints window from ‘Administrative’ to ‘Consolidated Form.’
  6. The Consolidated Form for this project has the following fields:
    1. Province – The province can be found under “Authors” in the Notes window.
    2. Record Type – It can be found in the records or in the administrative images. They will be Birth, Marriages or Deaths.
    3. Beginning Municipality/City – Found in the first image of the range.
    4. Beginning Year – Found under “Film Notes” in the Notes window. It can also be found in the records.
    5. Beginning Month – Found in the second image in the range (image immediately after the image with the first Municipality). It can also be found in the record.
    6. Ending Municipality/City - Found in the last image of the range.
    7. Ending Year – Found under “Film Notes” in the Notes window. It can also be found in the records.
    8. Ending Month – Found in the last image of the range.
  7. Once the Consolidated Form is complete, highlight the item it applies to and click ‘New.’ This will complete the consolidated form for that waypoint and advance you to the next image that doesn’t have an assigned waypoint.
  8. Repeat this process until all items have been waypointed with their own Consolidated Form.
  9. When you are confident that all waypoints are correct, click ‘Finish.’ A new folder should load, or you can start with step 1 of these instructions to open a new folder.
  10. When you have finished your first folder, please send an email to Leandro or Travis, so they can audit your work and give feedback on any issues they find.

A wiki article describing an online collection is found at:

Helpful Tips

  • The administrative images for this project are white rather than black like many others, be sure to pay attention to that.
  • When the Beginning and Ending Municipality are the same, please leave the Ending Municipality field blank.

If you have any issues locating information, or any questions, please contact Leandro or Travis.