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Census records, which contain the official enumeration of the population, are one of the most valuable sources of genealogical information. Returns prior to 1851 usually contain statistics but no names or list only the heads of households and the total number of individuals residing in each household.

Censuses which list each person individually provide details such as age, sex, place of birth, religion, ethnic origin, occupation, marital status, and education. In order to search the census records, the approximate locality must be known because the census is arranged by township within each county.

Information about the following censuses is available at the Family History Library:

1841 Lists heads of families for Princes County, districts 1 and 4; Queens County, districts 5–10; and Kings County, districts 13–15.

1861 Lists heads of families for Princes County; Kings County; Queens County; and townships 20–67, Charlottetown, and Charlottetown Royalty.

1871 Census is missing except for lots 34 and 36. A book entitled The Index to the 1870 Commissioner of Public Land's Report is a census substitute and is available from the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society. Information about the book can be found at

1881,1891 Lists all members of the household. Records are available for miscellaneous townships in

1901 Queens, Kings, and Princes Counties. See the Locality Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - CENSUS.

The 1901 census also includes date of birth, year of immigration, and address or location of land. (The return is in both French and English.)

Online Canadian Indexes and Images  

Online National and Provincial Population Schedules of Canada
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1871 incomplete

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A wiki article describing an online collection is found at:

Prince Edward Island Census 1861 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

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