Schleswig-Holstein: Witches and Sorcerers

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Witches and Sorcerers in Schleswig-Holstein

In the 1500 and 1600s the delusional idea took hold in Schleswig-Holstein and other parts of Germany that some men and women had the power to put a hex on persons, their animals or had in any form an influence in the unexplained destruction of property. Such actions were prosecuted by the contemporary jurisprudence and harsh judgments administered. The condemned were expelled, drowned, stoned, tortured or burnt, only a few were acquitted. The practice was finally abandoned in the 1700s.

Nobody knows whether such an unfortunate creature could have belonged to his line of ancestors. Therefore, a search in the respective court records was conducted and a list of women compiled and added to, who were branded as witches, their origins and their punishment. These lists can be located in the German periodical Zeitschrift für Niedersächsische Familienkunde, vol. 27, page 66-67, year 28 (1953) page 15 and vol. 43 page 68-71, call number Europe 943.5 B2z