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Guide to Seim, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

Church Records

See Hosanger, Alversund and Hamre

Census Records

See Hosanger, Alversund, Hamre

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

This book is now available as a downloadable PDF file on the internet Alenfit skibreide. It includes farms from Alversund, Sæbø, Lygra, Seim and Hamre parishes and gives a history of the owners until 1814. Under Hordaland County, click on Alenfit skipreie i Hordaland (1968).

Farm Names

94 Breiviken 66 Bøgevold 81 Dalen 70 Elsaas nordre 75 Espeland 73 Fisksæter 94 Gausereid 96 Halsteindal 74 Helland 77 Hjelmtveit 84 Hopland 81 Ikeland nordre 91 Juviken 79 Kapperdal nordre 90 Kjenes 95 Kleivdal 91 Leivestad nordre 68 Li 67 Mongstad 64 Mykletun 89 Neset 90 Nystølen 69 Odderaas 63 Okse lille 62 Okse store 85 Ryland 83 Seim 87 Skaar 61 Skaret 76 Sletten 72 Smedsdal 88 Spurkeland 69 Storstølen 93 Toskeim 86 Totland 83 Treskallen 65 Volle 82 Votne

For a larger list of farm names, click here: Under Hordaland County, click on Alenfit skipreie i Hordaland (1968).

Probate Records

From 1702-1848: Records are found in Nordhordaland, 1702-1910 judicial district.

1848-1895: Records are found in Midhordaland judicial district which was created from Nordhordaland.

1800-1852: Some of the farms in this parish belonged to Lysekloster Estate. If the probate is not found in the district above look at Hardanger og Voss where the probates for Lysekloster were kept.

1773-1810: Clerical probate records are found in Nordhordaland Deanery.


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names