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At its greatest expanse, Prussia included about two thirds of the area that became the German Empire in 1871. At that time it included thirteen provinces, which are listed below.

A map showing Prussia before 1905 is found here: [1]|

U.S. records often identify German immigrants as having come from "Prussia", or from one of the Prussian provinces. To trace your ancestor in the German records, you must know the town of birth. When this is not known there are sources that can help you discover possible choices for the town of birth. Refer to Determining a Place of Origin in Germany when you are not sure of the place of birth.

In U.S. records the locality "Prussia" may also be written in its German form "Preussen" or "Preußen", or "Borussia" in Latin. Phonetic variants include "Bryce, Preissen, Breisen" etc. THe Prussian provinces Ostpreussen [East Prussia] and Westpreussen [West Prussia] are also often confused with Prussia as a whole.

In 1871 Prussia included the following thirteen provinces:






Pommern - Pommerania


Rheinprovinz- Rhine Province

Sachsen- Saxony

Schlesien- Silesia



Westpreussen-West Prussia