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The following information is a starting point for records about the civil parish of Shankill. The information is based on locations and records before 1922.

Historical Overview


Shankill is the ancient name of the parish of Belfast. The living is a vicarage, in the diocese of Connor and province of Armagh. Belfast is the seat of the Roman Catholic see of Down and Connor. There are more than twelve places of worship for Presbyterians there. There are also places of worship for: Methodists, Baptists, the Society of Friends, and Independants.


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Civil Registration

Government registration of births and deaths began in 1864. Registration of Protestant marriages began in 1845, with all marriages being registered by 1864. Go to the Ireland Civil Registration article to read more about these records.

Land records

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Family History Library
Registers of Argyle Place National School 1870-1935
Registers of Ashmore Street National School 1869-1935
Registers of Currie National School 1871-1903
Registers of Eglinton Street National School 1870-1874, 1916-1933
Registers of Felt Street National School 1883-1913
Registers of Hutchinson Street National School 1862-1896
Registers of McQuiston National School 1869-1932
Registers of Northumberland Street National School 1867-1903
Registers of Agnes Street Central National School 1887-1945
Registers of All Saints School 1934-1951
Registers of Baden-Powell Street National School 1916-1937
Registers of Belfast Model National School 1918-1937
Registers of Blenheim Street National School
Registers of Blythe Street School 1931-1958
Registers of Broadway National School 1892-1957
Registers of Brown Street National School   1817-1952
Registers of Campbell's Row National School 1898-1912
Registers of Charter's Memorial National School 1898-1937
Registers of Clifton Park Central National School 1882-1932
Registers of Cromac Square National School 1891-1930
Registers of Deacon Memorial National School 1894-1931
Registers of Donegall National School 1902-1946
Registers of Duncairn National School 1901-1952
Registers of Euston Street School 1926-1944
Registers of Everton National School 1927-1942
Registers of Fairfax Street National School 1903-9137
Registers of Finiston National School 1909-1941
Registers of Forth River National School 1893-1945
Registers of Fountainville National School 1885-1940
Registers of Getty School 1932-1942
Registers of Glenwood School 1930-1944
Registers of Grosvenor National School 1933-1942
Registers of Hillman Street National School 1903-1943
Registers of Jersey Street National School 1906-1930
Registers of John White National School 1897-1941
Registers of Lancaster Street National Industrial School 1892-1951
Registers of Linfield Mill National School 1872-1931
Registers of Lynn Junior Public Elementary School 1936-1948
Registers of Mabel Street National School 1886-1944
Registers of Macrory Memorial National School 1909-1944
Registers of Magdalene National School 1890-1944
Registers of Malone National School 1866-1950
Registers of Mariner's Church National School 1889-1951
Registers of Mayo Street National School 1897-1943
Registers of McClure Street National School 1886-1939
Registers of Montgomery National School 1883-1936
Registers of Old Lodge Road National School 1891-1957
Registers of Oldpark National School 1865-1938
Registers of Ormeau Road National School 1884-1960
Registers of Percy Street School 1936-1951
Registers of Perth Street National School 1893-1941
Registers of Porter's National School 1871-1942
Registers of Queen Victoria National School 1892-1945
Registers of Rea Memorial National School 1902-1939
Registers of Riddel Memorial National School 1867-1948
Registers of Sandy Row National School 1893-1958
Registers of Snugville National School 1892-1937
Registers of St. Aidan's National School 1894-1931
Registers of St. Andrew's National School  1878-1931
Registers of St. Anne's National School 1913-1930
Registers of St. Barnabas' National School 1903-1942
Registers of St. Enoch's Public Elementary School 1932-1942
Registers of St. James' Public Elementary School 1910-1942
Registers of St. Luke's National School 1875-1936
Registers of St. Mark's National School 1911-1953
Registers of St. Mary's National School 1905-1943
Registers of St. Matthew's National School 1911-1930
Registers of St. Nicholas' National School 1903-1928
Registers of St. Paul's National School 1875-1941
Registers of St. Saviour's National School 1895-1944
Registers of St. Simon's National School 1918-1938
Registers of St. Stephen's National School 1895-1939
Registers of St. Thomas' National School 1881-1906
Registers of Stanhope Street National School 1863-1935
Registers of Tennent Street National School 1886-1937
Registers of Townsend Street National School 1870-1929
Registers of Ulsterville National School 1901-1941
Registers of Whitla National School 1934-1942
Registers of William Street National School 1856-1873
Registers of Wilton Street National School 1893-1930
Registers of Woodvale National School 1910-1951
Registers of Workman Memorial National School 1888-1951
Registers of York Street National School (Presbyterian) 1868-1894

Tax records

The valuation of property for tax purposes was started in the 1840s by Richard Griffith. A tax paid to the church, call Tithe Applotments, began in the 1820s. Read about these records in the Ireland Taxation and Ireland Land and Property articles. Add records for this parish that you know about.


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