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Known Issues

Question #1: Records in the Batch M79179-6 contain the wrong Film 1648777. Where can these missing records be found?
Answer #1: Film 1648777: Expedientes matrimoniales 1806-1807 is not the correct film for this batch. Until the records have been verified, we believe the correct film number to be Film 1650124: Expedientes matrimoniales 1796-1797. See Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche for instructions on ordering microfilm as well as finding a local FamilySearch Center where you can view the films.

Question #2: What is the correct Event Place for the records in theBatch M01991-8 (Event Place: Presentación De Nuestra Señora, Castrodeza, Valladolid, Spain)?
Answer #2: The correct Event Place for the records found with both Batch M01991-8 and Film 1333908 is Presentación de Nuestra Señora, Castromembibre, Valladolid, Spain. The specific Film Notes for the film that was indexed to create these records are: Film 1333908, Item 6: Bautismos 1608-1695 Matrimonios 1608-1730 Defunciones 1610-1709 (Iglesia Católica. Presentación de Nuestra Señora (Castromembibre, Valladolid).

Question #3: What is the correct Event Place for the records in the Batch M00853-8 (Event Place: Villafranca Del Panadés, Barcelona, Spain)?
Answer #3: Batch Number: M00853-8, Film Number: 1155371 (Villafranca Del Panadés, Barcelona, Spain) are incorrectly indexed and duplicates of Batch Number: M01983-2, Film Number: 1092469 (Catemu, Aconcagua, Chile).

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