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Europe Gotoarrow.png Norway Gotoarrow.pngNord-Trøndelag County Gotoarrow.pngSparbu

Guide to Sparbu, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records

Church Records

Sparbu clerical district contains the priests records from the parishes Mære, [[Ogndal, Norway|Ogndal] with Bodom chapel, Skei until 1885 and Henning in Sparbu clerical district.

The Family History Library has microfilm copies of the church books, 1740-1908.

Digital images are online at Digitalarkivet:

Sparbu: 1740-1816

Sparbu / Henning: 1816-1902

Sparbu / Mære: 1816-1908

Sparbu / Ogndal (Skei): 1884-1906

Sparbu / Skei: 1816-1883

Census Records

1664-1666 Censusfor Sparbu can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah

This census was taken by the local parish priests. It lists the name of the farms, names of farm owners (including widows), the sons of the farm owners, male farm hands, cottagers and their sons, and the ages of each person. (Usually only males from the age of 12 years are listed, but sometimes all males from birth are included). There was another census taken by the civil authorities at this same time. Both censuses should be searched as they supplement each other. This clerical census is usually more complete.

INDHERRED PROSTI II b. 33 Sparbu prestegjeld Oppem (Mære) tinglag Aalberg (Mære) tinglag Hælde (Henning) tinglag Ogndalen (Skei) tinglag Family History Library INTL Film 122975 Item 4

1701 Censusfor Sparbu can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
The census of 1701 was taken for military purposes. It lists only the males living in rural districts who were over the age of one year. It includes the farm name, name and age of the owner, names and ages of sons and servants. The place of birth of a servant may be listed if he was born in a another clerical district. Several of the records covering south-east Norway are missing.

NORD-TRØNDELAG FYLKE b. 15 Inderøen (Inderøy) fogderi Sparbu prestegjeld Ognadalen (Skei) anneks Hedene (Henning) anneks Mære sogn Family History Library INTL Film 122985 Item 1

1801 Census for Sparbu

1855 Census for Sparbucan be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
The 1855 census for Sparbu clerical district includes these parishes: Sparbu, Mære, Ogndal, Skei and Henning. It lists the farm name, statistics, and some miscellaneous information.

Statistiske opptegnelser 1855 Family History Library INTL Film 1283463 Item 3
Statistiske opptegnelser 1855 Family History Library INTL Film 1694694 Item 4

1865 Census for Sparbu

1875 Census for Sparbu can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
This 1875 census contains the persons name, residence (or residence for persons who were temporarily away from home or visiting), position in the family, occupation, sex, marital status, year of birth, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information.

b. 1 Krets 1-3 b. 2 Krets 4-5 Family History Library INTL Film 273635
b. 3 Krets 6-8 b. 4 Krets 9-11 b. 5 Krets 12-16 Family History Library INTL Film 273636

1900 Census for Sparbu

1910 Census for Sparbu

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Aarholt, Tormod,Bygdebok for Sparbu og Ogndal, [Sparbu] : Utgitt av Bygdeboknemnda for Sparbu og Ogndal, 1983-. A history of Sparbu and Ogndal in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway and a genealogy of the people and their farms. FHL 948.42/S6 H2b

Farm name indexes to volumes 3 - 9 are found in the following links. File:948.42-S6 H2b V3 - Sparbu vol 3.pdf, File:948.42-S6 H2b V4 - Sparbu vol 4.pdf, File:948.42-S6 H2b V5 - Sparbu vol 5.pdf, File:948.42-S6 H2b V6 - SPARBU vol 6.pdf, File:948.42-S6 H2b V7 - Sparbu vol 7.pdf, File:948.42-S6 H2b V8 - Sparbu vol 8.pdf, File:948.42-S6 H2b V9 - Sparbu vol 9.pdf

Farm Names

127 Aunet 118 Aurstad 119 Bildstad 135 Bjerkem 117 Bjørnhus 111 Bremset 130 Eli 108 Fisknes 131 Fjesme 120 Fossan 122 Henning 116 Hjelmset 110 Hoset 112 Kaldset 123 Kirkhenning 106 Langli 103 Langmarken 104 Moen 129 Okstad 128 Ostad 101 Ryan 136 Røli 132 Saasegg 124 Skarpnes 113 Stranden 114 Sæli 125 Vekre 121 Vekvam 22 Aalberg 54 Andstad 32 Barkald 55 Berstad 34 Braset 49 Brattaas 16 Brekken 93 Bruem 56 Buaasen 37 Bulung 36 Bulungsnes 63 Dalem 71 Dyrstad 18 Frøset 4 Gilberg 59 Gjermstad 33 Gustad 98 Hafstad 30 Hamrem 24 Haugan 62 Haugen 42 Hegstad 79 Hegstad 87 Heistad 74 Hodal 83 Hofstad 11 Holan 80 Hollan 70 Holtan 88 Hystad 18 Jeviken 26 Jørem 31 Kaaberg 47 Kolset 8 Kvitvang 23 Laankan 57 Landstad 9 Langaas 27 Lein 62 Leira 25 Lian 92 Lillebjørken 39 Lorvik 63 Lukletten 17 Lænn 95 Lø 6 Lønnem 78 Myrslo 3 Mære 2 Naust 72 Neset 61 Nordgaarden 62 Nygaarden 19 Oksur 64 Oksvold 56 Oppem 46 Ramberg 97 Rannem 67 Rognan 82 Rokken 100 Rygg 73 Røtellen 5 Røtte 76 Sem 86 Skei 75 Skorset 43 Smolan 48 Solberg 29 Sparbuens Præstegaard 65 Stevren 94 Stigem 89 Storbjørken 91 Svepstad 66 Tanem 10 Todnes 53 Trøgstad 1 Tønne 50 Vaadal 85 Vaarem 35 Vaaset 69 Valgstad 81 Veie 15 Vist 52 Volhaugen 60 Ystgaarden 20 Østeraas

Probate Records

1689-1871: Probates are found in Inderøy judicial district.

1691-1808: Clerical probates are found in Innherad Deanery


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names