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We Need You:

Learning to do family history so that you can help others will open welcome opportunities to experience the guidance and support of the Spirit. This is the work of the Lord, and by helping yourself and others you will fulfill your “Divinely Appointed Responsibility” to save our ancestors and help others to find and save theirs. You will learn how to discover, share and preserve your story and the stories of your ancestors.

Missionary Experiences

Sister Dianna Blackburn

My name is Sister Dianna Blackburn and my husband and I have been serving at the Saint George Family Search Library since September 2012. We love our service here, some of the opportunities we have in serving the needs of the people who come here is to teach future missionaries and teach guests how to set up their Family Search accounts, teach them how to start researching their ancestors and use the sources they find to prove birth, marriage, family relationships and accurate death dates, to download those sources and documents to the individual family group sheets on Family Search, also to download pictures to their ancestors so that other family members can enjoy those pictures. We help our guests find names to take to the Temple and do the ordinances needed for them, this brings so much joy to the people we serve and makes our time here very precious to us.

Church Service Missionary:

Please come in and talk to the Directors at the FamilySearch Library at (435) 673-4591 *Basic computer skills *Family History Skills *Minimum of 16 hours per week for part time *Minimum of 32 hours per week for full time *Minimum 18 month commitment *There are 48 scheduled days, and 52 Sundays the Library is closed for holidays and breaks to schedule vacations, cruises, family activities for these days. How can I get involved? What Are the Requirements to Serve as a CSM? Church-service missionaries must be worthy to hold a temple recommend. They must be physically, mentally, and emotionally able to fulfill their specific call and its related duties. They must provide their own transportation, insurance, and financial support. They are responsible for their own medical and dental needs, including eye care and prescription drug expenses. They usually live at home and typically work for Church operations. They serve at least 8 hours per week. Their mission responsibilities should not supersede responsibility to care for dependent children at home. They are endorsed for the specific assignment by bishop and stake president. The length of service may be determined by the needs of the position and the availability of the Church-service missionary. A missionary is generally called to serve from 6 to 24 months. Assignments may be extended if the missionary is still available and the needs of the operation continue to exist. The call to fulfill a Church-service mission comes a little differently than a call for a full-time mission. Worthy individuals willing to serve are encouraged to select an open position they feel they are qualified for. In addition to being interviewed by their bishop and stake president, they are often interviewed by the given department or job manager to ensure that they are capable of performing the tasks required. They are then called by their stake president—not the prophet—and set apart by their bishop. How Do I Become a CSM? Once you've decided to serve a Church-service mission, you should meet with your bishop and stake president to let them know your desires. They can guide you as you look for the mission that best fits your abilities and availability. Unlike a proselyting mission, you will be able to select where you serve. There are many ways to find a mission that fits your skills and situation. Review the service opportunities on this website. Speak to priesthood leaders or other members. Contact your CSM Group Coordinators (couples called to help with CSM efforts in your area). Feel free to contact the operations managers in charge of different opportunities to discuss and compare positions you believe would be a good fit for you. Contact information for these managers is listed with the opportunity listing on this website. If you found the opportunity through a source other than this website, you can ask your priesthood leaders to help you get in touch with operations managers who are in need of service missionaries. Prayerfully consider the assignment to determine if it is consistent with your abilities, availability, and health. If you feel the assignment is a good match, complete a Recommendation for Church-Service Missionary form and give it to your bishop. This form may be printed from this website. Be sure to carefully complete each section of the recommendation form, including where you have arranged to serve, how many hours you will serve each week, when you are going to start, and the desired term of your mission service. Meet with your bishop so that you can give him your completed recommendation form and be interviewed for worthiness to serve. Meet with your stake president for a worthiness interview. He will send your recommendation form to the CSM group coordinators for processing your mission call. For those who will serve in Northern Utah (Payson–Idaho border) the mission call is processed at Church headquarters. As a CSM, you will be called by your stake president and set apart by your bishop for your mission assignment. View a list of current opportunities. For more information, you can contact the Church-Service Missionary Program office at 1-800-453-3860, ext. 2-4914 (or 801-240-4914), or you can email Get the recommendation form for becoming a Church-service missionary. Want to see more? Browse for current service opportunities. English Site Map For more information come check us out at: Facebook: St. George Family Search Library St. George FamilySearch Library Phone: (435) 673-4591 Address: 162 N. 400 E. Bldg. B, 2nd floor in St. George Hours: M, F, Sat 9 AM - 5 PM, and T, W, Th 9 AM - 9 PM Website: