St. Peter's Civil Parish, County Dublin Genealogy

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The following information is a starting point for records about the civil parish of St. Peter's. The information is based on locations and records before 1922.

Historical Overview


St. Peter's parish, erected by order of council in 1630, is the largest in the city, comprising the ancient parishes of St. Peter and St. Kevin, and a portion of that of St. Stephen: it contains 27,176 inhabitants, and 2260 houses valued at £5 and upwards, the total annual value being £124,865. 10. It is a vicarage, united to the rectories of Tawney, Rathfarnham, Donnybrook, and district of Booterstown, together forming the corps of the archdeaconry of Dublin, in the patronage of the Archbishop; the minister's money is £1086. 15. 4., and the gross annual income is £2768, out of which there are 12 curates to be paid. The church, situated in Aungier-street, is a very large unornamented building, in the form of the letter T.  For more information, go to


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Places in this parish

  • Aungier Place
  • Aungier Street
  • Baggot Court
  • Baggot Lane
  • Baggot Market
  • Baggot Street Lower
  • Baggot Street Upper
  • Bell's Lane
  • Bishop Street
  • Bloomfield
  • Bloomfield Avenue
  • Bloomfield Place
  • Bow Lane South
  • Burke's Court
  • Camden Buildings
  • Camden Court
  • Camden Place
  • Camden Row
  • Camden Street Lower
  • Camden Street Upper
  • Camden Villa
  • Camden market
  • Charlemont Mall
  • Charlemont Place
  • Charlemont Row
  • Charlemont Street Lower
  • Charlemont Upper Street
  • Charlemont Villa
  • Charlotte Place
  • Charlotte Street
  • Cheater's Lane
  • Church Lane South
  • Clanbrassil Place
  • Clanbrassil Street
  • Clanwilliam Place
  • Clonmel Street
  • Conroy's Court
  • Cranmer Place
  • Cuffe Lane
  • Cuffe Street
  • Cumberland Road
  • Dawson Court
  • Denzille Lane
  • Denzille Street
  • Digges Court
  • Digges Lane
  • Digges Street
  • Dougherty's Court
  • Earlsfort Terrace
  • Eastmoreland Place
  • Ely Place
  • Faucet's Court
  • Fearon's Court
  • Fennell's Lane
  • Fitzwilliam Court
  • Fitzwilliam Lane
  • Fitzwilliam Market
  • Fitzwilliam Place
  • Fitzwilliam Place. South
  • Fitzwilliam Square, North
  • Fitzwilliam Square, South
  • Fitzwilliam Square, West
  • Fitzwilliam Square, east
  • Fitzwilliam Street, Lower
  • Fitzwilliam Street, Upper
  • Fleming's Lane
  • French Street
  • Glover's Alley
  • Gordon's Lane
  • Grand Canal Street
  • Grant's Row
  • Grattan Court
  • Grattan Place
  • Grattan Street
  • Haddington Road
  • Haddington Terrace
  • Hamilton Row
  • Harcourt Place
  • Harcourt Road
  • Harcourt Street
  • Harcourt Terrace
  • Harrington Street
  • Hatch Street
  • Herbert Street
  • Herbert place
  • Holles Place
  • Holles Row
  • Holles Street
  • Hume Street
  • James's Lane
  • James's Place
  • James's Street, East
  • Johnson's Place
  • Kelly's Court, South
  • Kevin Street, Cross
  • Kevin Street, Lower
  • Kevin Street, Upper
  • King Street, South
  • Lad Lane
  • Lamb's Court
  • Laverty's Court
  • Leeson Lane
  • Leeson Place
  • Leeson Street, Lower
  • Leeson Street, Upper
  • Leinster Row
  • Lennox Place
  • Lennox Street
  • Liberty Lane
  • Long Lane
  • Longford Lane
  • Longford Street, Great
  • Longford Street, Little
  • Love Lane
  • Lundy's Court
  • Lundy's Lane
  • Magee's Court
  • Maher's Court, South
  • McClean's Lane
  • Mercer Street
  • Merrion Row
  • Merrion Square, East
  • Merrion Square, North
  • Merrion Square, South
  • Merrion Street, Lower
  • Merrion Street, Upper
  • Mespil
  • Mespil Parade
  • Mespil Place
  • Moira Coourt
  • Moira Place
  • Montague Court
  • Montague Place
  • Montague Street
  • Mount Street Crescent
  • Mount Street, Lower
  • Mount Street, Upper
  • New Street
  • Northumberland Road
  • Pembroke Place
  • Pembroke Street, Lower
  • Pembroke Street, Upper
  • Pembrooke Road
  • Percy Place
  • Peter Place
  • Peter's Row
  • Pleasants Street
  • Portobello
  • Portobello Harbour
  • Power's Court
  • Protestant Row
  • Proud's Lane
  • Quinn's Lane
  • Redmond's Hill
  • Richmond Row
  • Richmond Street, South
  • Roger's lane
  • Rosanna Place
  • Smith's Buildings
  • Stephen Street
  • Stephen's Green, East
  • Stephen's Green, South
  • Stephen's Green, West
  • Stephen's Lane
  • Stephen's Place
  • Synge Street
  • Verschoyle Court
  • Verschoyle Place
  • Victoria Place
  • Warrington Place
  • Watchhouse Lane
  • Webster Place
  • Wentworth Place
  • Wexford Street
  • Whitefriar Street
  • William's Lane
  • William's Place
  • Wilson's Place
  • York Row
  • York Street

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