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Beginning in 1652, it was decided that all persons between 16 and 63 years old should pay a mandatory tax. The age to begin taxation was raised in 1841 to 17 years old, and again in 1857 to 18 years old. There were exemptions from the Mantals tax, depending on life’s circumstances. Here are some common exemptions: Advanced age, Sickness, Poverty, Military service (Soldiers and Sailors), and the Nobility.

The Mantals registration would take place near the end of every year. The head of household (usually the Father) reported the necessary information regarding the household on a registration form (Mantalsuppgift). Information such as the address, each individuals name, each individuals social standing, and birth year was included. After all the registration forms were turned in, the tax authorities would create a tax record (Mantalslängd)showing income and tax for each household. The written information on the registration forms generally contain more information than what's found in the tax records. The Stockholm City Archive has the original registration forms beginning in 1835 and every year thereafter until 1936.

The earliest Mantal record in the Stockholm City Archive is from 1652, with the collection continuing up to 1973. Between 1652 and 1719 only certain Mantal records were preserved. Between 1720 and 1831 every tenth years’ Mantal record was preserved. The archive has every Mantal record after 1831 in the collection.


The Stockholm City Archives Mantalslängder Page

Index of Scanned Mantalsuppgifter: Scanned Mantalsuppgifter

Index to Mantalslänger 1800 – 1884: Index 1800-1884

Index for the Mantalslängd of 1855 (organized by household): Index 1855

Index for the Mantalslängd of 1909: Index 1909

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