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Svenska Ortnamn is a Swedish geographical database on CD/DVD produced by Sveriges Släktforskarförbund (The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies). It contains more than 410,000 items and is extremely useful even if you only have minor knowledge of a place. All names are linked to a province, municipality or parish as of 1999. There are a number of search options for this database. Place names may be searched by complete names, as “beginning with” or “ending with”. Both the “beginning with” and “ending with” options are helpful when the exact spelling is not known. For example, if only the ending of the place name is legible, this can be entered in the designated search box and all place names with that ending will appear.
A dot for each place in Sweden having the name requested is shown on a map. This visually shows the location for the place in relationship to the entire kingdom. When there are multiple places with the same name, this may help narrow down the correct place if a general area is known.


  • May be available at library, archives, or research institutes. Check local area.
  • Family History Library
  • May be purchased from the online bookshop for Sveriges Släktforskarförbund at this website: genealogi.netrix.se


  • Objektnamn – Name of place
  • Eller – or
  • Slutled – ends with
  • Mellanled – contains
  • Län – county
  • Kommun – municipality
  • Församling – parish
  • Sök – search
  • Rensa – clear
  • Hjälp – help
  • Skriv ut – print