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This article contains information about records in multiple collections. See All Published Record Collections for a list of available records.
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Record Description
Record Type Church
Language: Swedish
Title in the Language: Sverige Kyrkoböcker
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Collection Contents

Record Types

Christening records usually contain:

  • Date and place of christening
  • Child’s name and gender
  • Child's birth date
  • Parents’ names and residence
  • Father's occupation
  • Mother's age and marital status
  • Witnesses and their residences

Marriage records usually contain:

  • Date and place of marriage
  • Groom’s name and marital status
  • Groom's residence
  • Bride’s name and marital status
  • Bride's residence
  • Sometimes, the ages of bride and groom are given
  • Witnesses and their residences

Burial records usually contain:

  • Name and age of deceased
  • Marital status and residence of deceased
  • Sometimes, spouse's name is given
  • Date of death
  • Cause of death
  • Burial date
  • Sometimes, other biographical notes

Moving records usually contain:

  • Name of place where record is kept
  • Name of person moving onto land
  • Date and place of birth
  • Where moving from
  • Where moving to
  • New residence
  • Able to read and write?
  • Have had catechism education?
  • Partaker of communion?
  • Have had small pox or chicken pox?

Clerical survey records usually contain:

  • Name of owner of taxable land
  • Name of cottage or farmland
  • Names of husband and wife
  • Name of each member of household
  • Number of children
  • Male or female
  • Birth dates and places of members
  • Residence
  • Notes regarding death(s) of landowners
  • Deaths within the year
  • Marriages within the year
  • An understanding of Christian knowledge?
  • Availability for marriage

Sample Images

How Do I Search the Collection?

To search the collection you will need to follow this series of links:
⇒Select the "Browse" link in the initial search page
⇒Select the "Socken" (Parish) category
⇒Select the "Signum" (Record type) category
⇒Select the "Volum och år" (Volume & page) category which takes you to the images
Look at the images one by one comparing the information with what you already know about your ancestors to determine which one is your ancestor. You may need to compare the information about more than one person to make this determination.

Choosing a Record to Search

The types of record books that are available are different for each parish. The following chart lists the types of records and the English translation.

Swedish English
Död- och begravningsböcker Death and burial book
Flyttningslängder Moving records
Inflyttningsattester Moving in records
In och utflyttiningslängder Moving in and out record
Utflyttiningslängder Moving out record
Födelse och dopböcker Birth and baptism or christening book
Födelse- och dopböcker Duplettserie Birth and baptism or christening book double or second series
Församling Parish or congregation
Husförhörslängd Household examination record; also called clerical survey
kladdböcker Draft copy of the church book
Lysning and vigselböcker Banns and marriage book
Längder över nattvardsgäster (kommunionlängder) Communion book
Räkenskaper för kyrka Records of accounts for the church
Signum Record type
Socken Parish
Vigselsdag Marriage date
Volum och år Volume and year

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