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Which spelling is correct so that we can delete the correct page?  Also, the page that needs to be deleted should have the links to it removed before we can delete the page.Lynda 17:49, 31 January 2012 (UTC)

Aa aa or a double a is the former method of writing Å å. I chose to use the modern method although technically, both are understood. The Denmark main page has the links to these counties using the modern Å. Raeone

Yes, the modern spelling is Å; however, it needs to be spelled with the Aa. This is because culturally, Aalborg is the only place in Denmark that has kept the former spelling rather than change to the modern. Even on modern maps, it uses the old spelling. Many people from Aalborg that I know are very upset that we spell with the Å on the wiki. We need to keep it as Aa. Naomi