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Stub reference

I came across a message from someone named Joy asking if I would remove the "stub" reference in this article.

The problem with that is (1) that part of the page does not appear when I click on "edit page," (2) it may be what the Family Search Wiki help pages refer to as a hidden category, in which case the only help I've been able to find about how to remove it is far more cryptic and arcane than I wish to pursue, and (3) I have not even been able to find out from the help pages how to respond to a message (or even how to check them). 

The following is the closest I was able to come to any "help" with any of the above:

The closest I could find to any explanation as to how to remove the reference to a stub is the following:
"Hidden categories are not hidden on category pages. You can view hidden categories on all pages by adding the following code to your monobook.css (or whatever skin you use):
<source lang="css">.catlinks-allhidden, .mw-hidden-cats-hidden { display: block; }</source>"
I have no idea what this is saying.

I removed the stub reference for you.  We appreciate you efforts.  Vlfunk 19:46, 16 September 2011 (UTC) 


The Featured Article Review Committee has looked at this article and have some concerns that need to be addressed before it can be used as a Featured Article.  We are concerned with the following:  1- headings moved to left margin

                   2-font needs to be consistent with other articles

                   3-"History" needs to be broken up into "sub" headings