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how to find burial records after 1890

How can I find a burial record after 1890.  I need to research an ancestral burial in 1927.

Nearly all Danish burial records have been digitized up to 1947, and are available online at There is also a help forum called FamilySearch Forums where you can post queries and find multiple people willing and ready to help you with your research/translation questions. The link is:

Hope this helps!

Well organized clear article. As beginner I have questions

I'm grateful for this article. It was clear, organized and helped me anticipate the changes in records. Great job. As a beginner some helps I would have liked to see are links to Hovedministerialbog, Military Levy rolls, and probate records. Also either a link or some direction to find the death burial records. Both directions to the web location and how the early records are mixed in with everything else.

Perhaps a little explanation on how to recognize the difference between a birth, death and marriage record when they are mixed.

As a beginner I'm not sure how exact the ages are in death records. Some people have said "Count on it." Others have suggested the ages for older folks is more of a range. What do you suggest.