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Restricted Access to Images?

This image collection appeared on 29 March and appears for contractual reasons to have restricted access to images. This is not mentioned in this article which is brought up through a "learn more" link about the collection.

This is the third Kent collection to appear in a number of weeks which does not permit non-LDS sign in to the site to view the collection unless using the FHC portal at a local LDS Family History Centre (or organisation which has been affiliated and granted that access on its computers).

Surely such restrictions in contractual agreements are known well ahead of the preparation for online appearance and if as seems likely all intended collections for Kent have such restriction why have the related Wiki pages not been edited to indicate this prior to publication?

FamilySearch managers for these collections surely have a duty to inform the public how they can examine the images and it would be helpful if the locations at which the FHC portal is available could be included in these articles. Sopsteele 09:28, 1 April 2012 (UTC)