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Calculate ages?

Many project specify not to calculate ages, but the Pennsylvania Marriages project has no birth date field.

Should we calculate the age if a birthdate but no age is given?
No, we do not calculate the age


If an image has a marriage license and marriage certificate on the same page and the certificate has Mr, Miss, or Mrs but the license does not, should I index the titles from the certificate? Yes. See basic instructions:

I recently indexed a batch of Ohio marriages with five images and 10 records per image.  The arbitrator changed all of the page numbers to wedding license numbers.  The arbitrator also changed all of the titles (mr, mrs, miss) to blank although each certificate listed the title for both parties in each marriage.  I requested feedback 150 times in that one batch.  Another arbitrator didn'r change any of those fields in a separate branch I indexed.  Which way shoild I index these records?  The rules for titles (see above)   state the titles should be included if they appear anywhere, including as part of the printed page. The field helps for the page field clearly state that when a page number and certificate number are both present, the page number should be indexed.  

Maiden Names

In project updates, you should better emphasize the following basic indexing guideline:

Do not assume maiden name is same as father's surname. If maiden name is not recorded on the image, do not index.
The example given under Maiden Names in the additional helps tab should include an example where the father's surname is not recorded as the bride's maiden name.


Ohio Marriage records: the image lists a birthdate with the (apparent) age in parentheses after it. There is no specific field titled "Age" on the document. The indexers have included the number given in parentheses as the age of the bridge and/or groom. In arbitrating, should these numbers be removed, since they are not clearly identified as the person's age?


On the US Texas County Marriages, I'm seeing instances where the names of the Groom and/or Bride are spelled differently on the license versus the certificate. According to the Basic Indexing Guidelines, we are to key both versions of the name separated by OR (Smith or Smythe, Adams or Addams, for example).