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I've had two batches so far that have a "ASRS" field, which looks like it could be the age. Could we get someone to research and give an official response on what that field means?

Meaning of ASR on the Passenger lists for US Soldiers

ASR -- is not age it is Advanced Service Rating Score

the system that the US Army used at the end of World War II in Europe to determine which soldiers were eligible to be sent back to the United States for discharge from military service.

Crew list:

Totally unfamiliar (East Indian?) names:  written in form xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx  clear across "Last name/ first name" columns.  Been taking "XXXX" as last name.  10 records down, "Joseph Gomes Allee Gomes".  This reads to me like last name:  Gomes, First name Joseph, or First Name(s) Joseph Allee. Look for help.  No live chat available.  No phone number available to call.  No message box until I got here.  Help!  Does this mean that "Akmullah Hazidullah" is Hazidullah, Akmullah, or is he Akmullah (last name field) Hazidullah (first name field)? 

Answer to Crew List Question:

If we are not sure of a name or unfamiliar names and names from languages with different naming practices such as East Indian, Chinese, Muslim, American Indian..... the whole name gets entered into the Given name field.  
Basic Indexing Guidelines (the whole thing should be read) contains that information..
Familiar names such as American names, you use your best judgment when names are out of order and to put the surname and given names in the correct field.... with the caveat that if you are not sure... then whatever you are unsure about, put into the given name field.   Field Helps addresses that and also the Basic Indexing Guidelines.
Here is the link to Basic Indexing Guidelines:
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