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What exactly does the New Zealand passenger list have to do with the 1865 New York census and why does it keep popping up in different UPDATES??   The purpose of an update is to explain how to index a particular project.  It's no wonder indexers are not checking updates!!!

Poor arbitration

There should be a notice on ALL project updates to "GO BACK and READ the project instruction"  If you do not understand the instructions, contact support before going further.

I just got one of these back that was a NED.  The instructions read: Do not index Agriculture Schedules, marriages, Death, or Additional Inquires about Officers or Enlisted Men.  Mark these schedules as No Extractable Data. The header clearly read Officers and Enlisted Men, yet the arbitrator marked it as being normal, then proceeded to index the names of the Enlisted Men on that page.  There are 90 lines on one of these and they were all marked as being normal, which makes the NED wrong.  There needs to be a small quiz for the arbitrators before they can start on a new project.  This will insure they have read and understand the instructions for that specific project.

Other projects have the same issue.  Example; Not all marriage records have the same instructions, yet they are being arbitrated as though they did.  This results in angry and frustrated indexers.  We are tired of getting poor marks for POOR arbitration.