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Help us improve the indexing and arbitration of this project. Click the Edit This Page button to make suggestions. Messages will be removed after careful review by support and any updates will be posted to the Project Updates page. Many commonly asked questions, such as indexing crossed out information, have already been answered in the Basic indexing instructions.

New York 1875 State Census:

The information on how to handle blank lines is not followed by some arbitrators and they are marking errors if the line is moved to the end of the batch (as instructions state).  In addition, I find that record matching is not being used during the arbitration procedure.  Can we inform arbitrators of this error and help them correct their handling of these batches? Thank you, we are attempting to do just that.

New York 1875 State Census - Blank lines.  The field help on blank lines tells us to skip over the line and do all the blanks at the end.  But we are telling people to make sure they check Basic Indexing Instructions, and when I checked that again only yesterday, it tells us that when we have a document that is numbered and we have a blank line, we mark the line as blank as we go along.  Of course, the census records are numbered, so those are two conflicting instructions for blank lines.  Maybe people are doing them wrong because they are looking at the Basic Instructions.  That instruction needs to be corrected to stop the confusion. Project updates always take precedence over any other direction or guideline.