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1/30/12 - Roll Number for Multiple Names on Card

In regard to slide 11 of the ppt presentation, it shows the following:
A roll number is assigned to a single person. In this example, index 3 names – but notice
that the roll number is only for the addressee.
Lucy Patterson (blank roll number)
Isabelle Patterson (roll number 3934)
John F Patterson (blank roll number)

This slide is being discussed on the forum and there is disagreement in that we have found while indexing this Project that whenever a child’s name is written at the top or on the side of the card beside the roll number, it is their roll number, not the roll number for the addressee. In the case of the example given in the slide, we believe that the roll number would be for Lucy Patterson, rather than for the addressee, Isabelle Patterson. This can be confirmed by comparing these cards to the other papers in the batch.

The information on slide 11 is correct.