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Project instructions call for indexing guardian's name for e.g. Army Minors cards, but do not mention guardians appearing on other types of card.  In a small number of cases, arbitration created guardian names and I could not identify how the person was determined to be a guardian.  (In a few other cases, I was not looking for gdn and overlooked this bit of information.)  We are waiting on an answer.

Instructions to create only one record if two cards on an image refer to the same soldier puzzle me.  I attempted to delete the second record for an image.  First, I could not delete the blank record.  I filled in a couple of fields, and then I could delete the record, but it was immediately recreated as a blank record.  The project instructions have changed and now indicate each card is indexed seperately.

There is a discrepancy between the project instruction that show up on the indexing page  and those on the overview section of the project update page ( wiki, I think) Instructions with the indexing program  (project instructions on the page as you index) say "Both cards on the history side of an image need to be indexed, even if they seem to be duplicates"

ON the project updates, overview/links page it says ■When the two cards refer to the same individual, there will only be one record per image. (See Above) This page also says this is a beginning project but it shows up on batch download as intermediate. The presentation has been removed.

It isn't notated specifically how to handle the name of the veteran if a last name is not given.  For instance on the example card for the Army Widow, I understand that I do not index a surname for the children.  I'm assuming I only index the given name of the soldier/veteran, but want to make sure.

I have read that we are not supposed to index the ledger side of the card; however, I have a case where the recipient's name is not shown on the history side of the card, but is given on the ledger side as being paid and being the soldier's widow.  I also have multiple cases where the death date is recorded on the ledger side, but not on the history side.  How should this be handled?  Index with the history, index with the ledger or don't index.

Include example of indexed record

I don't know how difficult this would be, but it would be very helpful to show the indexed record (as it should look after it has been typed on the form the indexers use) as well as the record being indexed.