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Georgia Death Records, 1928-1930 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

Someone has changed the title to an incorrect year. These records cover only 1928, 1929 and 1930. There is a 75-year privacy law in Georgia.

Thanks. It's been fixed.

What time of year does Georgia typically release records to FamilySearch? As of a few hours ago, it is now 2015, and so another year's records should be releasable under Georgia's 75 year privacy law. It would be useful to know when to check back to search for records from 1939.

The 1939 records are already in the database - browsable, rather than searchable from an index.

Certificates for 1939-40 can be found by browsing. You'll need the Death Certificate number, from the index:

then refer to the microfilm list

to find on which film it is located. You can then find it here, online: