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I know I've shared this concern about other databases, but the whole section, "Begin your search by finding your ancestors in the index. Name indexes to deaths make it possible to access a specific record quickly..." is completely irrelevant to an on-line database.  Lise 19:29, 6 January 2012 (UTC)

Name indexes are invaluable in locating an image of an ancestor that is available online. Without name indexes one would have to search through literally thousands of online images to find the image you're seeking. 
The Family History Department welcomes individuals who are willing to work as indexers transcribing millions of records.  To learn more about indexing, please go to this website:
If the above does not respond to your post, please explain in detail what you mean. What online databases are you referring to?


This talk page is associated with the wiki article Georgia Death Records, 1914-1927 (FamilySearch Historical Records), which is designed to help people understand how to use that specific database at  In the context of an indexed, on-line database, the wording of the article did not make sense. I see that Nadine has updated it a bit.  :-)  Lise 12:05, 7 January 2012 (UTC)