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Unhappy about images being removed

I was very upset to find out that the images were removed for all of Cook County, Illinois records.  The index does not provide all of the information included in the image and the transcriptions are not always correct.  A lot of my research was verified by looking at the images, rather than the indexes.  I would rather the images be brought back then sign a new deal with Cook County to bring more "indexes" in that are probably already available elsewhere, such as or  I realize that I can still get the images if I research it at a library but the online searching made it so much quicker and easier to search.  I hope that if these new records that come in that are indexed have more information than a name and date.  Its hard to narrow down people when their name is common.

The Talk pages gives the reason for the removal:  "Due to the provisions and guidelines of a newly revised contract with Cook County, FamilySearch has removed all images for Illinois, Cook County vital records from its historical records collections online; free indexes to the collections will remain."  I miss the online images too, but contractual obligations override user wants.