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[(Category:Stub reference)]

I came across a message from someone asking if I would remove the "stub" reference in this article.

The problem with that is (1) that part of the page does not appear when I click on "edit page," (2) it may be what the Family Search Wiki help pages refer to as a hidden category, in which case the only help I've been able to find about how to remove it is far more cryptic and arcane than I wish to pursue, and (3) I have not even been able to find out from the help pages how to respond to a message (or even how to check them).

The following is the closest I was able to come to any "help" with any of the above:

The closest I could find to any explanation as to how to remove the reference to a stub is the following:
"Hidden categories are not hidden on category pages. You can view hidden categories on all pages by adding the following code to your monobook.css (or whatever skin you use):
<source lang="css">.catlinks-allhidden, .mw-hidden-cats-hidden { display: block; }</source>"
I have no idea what this is saying.
Sorry for your frustration, and sorry that it has taken us so long to get back to you. The main issue was removing the stub reference, and that has been done--did you finally do it, or did someone else remove it? Answeres to your specific problems follow (numbered as you did):
(1). Were you aware that the sub notification is contained in a template? In the edit page mode the template appears as a yellow box like this '''T''' in it, but with squiggley brackets (I can't put them here because it would change into an actuall template). It is in the upper left corner of the page. For example, go to the Pike County, Indiana page, click on edit, and you will see it in the upper right hand of the page. If for some reason you do not see this, please contact me by editing this page and adding your comment.
(2). It did not refer to the hidden category
(3) Please look at the following wiki pages regarding messages (we call them talk pages).
FamilySearch Wiki:Talk page guidelines
Help:Talk Pages
If you sign them with 4 tilde's (~) you will automatically be notified when someone responds to your Talk page. See my signiture below.
And in regards to your copmment "I have no idea what this is saying", we empathize with you. We are only 3 years old, and much of the content was written by engineers, and sometimes difficult for non technical folks like me to understand. We are in the process of cleaning up the help pages (ie making them more readable), and will take a serious look at the test you are reffering to.
Thanks for your interest in the research wiki. We hope your frustration with this issue does not cause you to abandon interest in the wiki. And please communicate with us anything else you see that needs some touching up. Klk3 02:28, 5 January 2012 (UTC)