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The text in the church records section is confusing; I cannpt figure out what it is trying to say.  Please clarify this section.
== Publication of FamilySearch Records collections for Norfolk
== FamilySearch has published collections of Norfolk Records which are available online; the content here predates the publication of many collections for the county. This series of parish registers were not included in the LDS filming at the Norfolk Record Office (previously in the Norwich Library before it's demise) although the Records were available to those carrying out the microfilming; this is not uncommon in the parishes in the diocese as is pointed out in the  wiki pages below. The question for FamilySearch managers is how do they ensure that wiki pages are updated for Norfolk now that these collections are available online. With a large volume of online material now offered the wiki pages are in need of revision by FamilySearch.
Try England Norfolk Church of England Parish Registers and Bishops’ Transcripts (FamilySearch Historical Records) England Norfolk Church of England Parish Registers and Bishops’ Transcripts England Norfolk Church of England Bishops’ Transcripts (FamilySearch Historical Records)
Every parish in the county or rather Diocese of Norfolk which covers Suffolk and other county parishes needs to be updated to reflect that record images are offered online. Since this is FamilySearch managed process that content needs to be revised by FamilySearch rather than local contributors like myself.
Royalsarah 10:35, 2 February 2012 (UTC)  
 :Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. I have referred your query to the Historical Records Department. :In addition, however, please remember that the wiki is community driven and that we depend on volunteers--such as yourself--to provide content. No one "owns" the information, and anyone can edit the content. Our best pages are those that begin with one person writing what they know about a subject, and then others with additional knowledge add to that page. We would be pleased if you added additional information--in fact we encourage you to do so. Obviously, you who are local know much more about these localities and records that those who live out of country.