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Jo Church Dickerson
Editor & Webmaster
Pee Dee Chapter,​ SCGS

Contacted FamilySearch Historical Records team and suggested the following changes on the website.  I tried to make the changes but, realized it was very complicated as there were links to the changes.

Here is the email:

In browsing the FamilySearch website on Marion County, South Carolina, I noticed the following problems and errors. _______________________________________________ Your website states:,_South_Carolina Episcopal Church Before 1785, residents of what is now Marion County were served by these colonial parishes. Prince Frederick Parish 1734 St. Mark's Parish 1757 St. David's Parish 1768 THIS IS INCORRECT. Prince Frederick Parish should be changed to Prince Frederick Winyaw Parish. MORE IMPORTANTLY, St. Mark's Parish should be changed to Prince George Winyaw Parish. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY St. David's Parish should be eliminated. No part of Marion County was NEVER within any part of St. Mark's or St. David's. You might want to add St. James Santee Parish, which was one of the original SC Anglican parishes created in 1706, and the one that covered what would become Marion County. Marion District/County was never in any part of St. Mark's or St. David's Parish. If you saw that on a map, the map is incorrect. There are many confused versions of our jurisdictional history online. Many of those are just hopeless, but are frequently picked up by researchers, resulting in even more confusion when they don't match the results found in the land records, census, etc. It would help a great deal if we could eliminate the confusion on your webpage. The area that would become Marion County (including present Dillon County and the eastern part of Florence County) lay ONLY in the following Anglican parishes: St. James Santee Parish was one of the original SC Anglican parishes created in 1706 and covered all of SC about and north of Santee River to the North Caroliana province line. Prince George Winyaw Parish was cut in 1721 from and covered the northernmost part of St. James. Prince Frederick Winyaw Parish in 1734 was cut from and covered the westernmost part of Prince George Winyaw Parish. I can send and/or cite for you the pertinent laws from the Statutes at Large If you need them to make the change Just let me know and I'll dig them out. _______________________________________________ Your link to the Pee Dee Chapter, South Carolina Genealogical Society website should also be listed under Archives, etc., in addition to Gen Societies. Our chapter website includes a webpage for the Marion County Archives and History Center, where all the early Marion County records prior to about 1906 are housed, and with whom we share a building. It should really be noted on your website that (since c2000) those records are available only from the Marion Archives, and requests for the early records are no longer processed by the Marion County Clerk of Court and Probate Offices. Anyone wishing to obtain official records (1800-c1906) should contact the archivist at the Marion County Archives, all contact details are on the chapter website, Marion Archives page. The Marion Archives also houses the large and growing Pee Dee Chapter research library and broad collection of works on SC and especially Marion County and Pee Dee area family histories and compilations that includes some unpublished typescripts, abstracts of records, special collections, all issues of SCMAR, a large number of family files and much more. _______________________________________________ I hope some of the above is helpful and will find its way to your website. It is a nice website, and could be quite comprehensive, with a little more attention. :-) We have, for instance, published many more military records since I became editor in 2004 than you mention on the website, including a listing of all the available old Marion County African-American Civil War pensioners. And your bibliography barely taps the surface of the family histories that are available. There is a partial Table of Contents to the newsletter on our website, link is on the Publications Page. I hope to add more, soon.