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TO: User:DSGurtler and User:Parrisl
This page was created by FamilySearch Historical Records personnel. It details problems identified within this collection and answers to those problems. If you wish to comment, please visit the discussion page to post your comments. Your other option is to click on GET HELP > Send a Message ...

Description of the problem: The two browse points have the DGSs transposed … Rincón de Romos > San José de Gracia > Bautismos 1889-1895 is wrongly matched with Film 635647 / DGS 4032136; AND Bautismos 1895-1902 is wrongly matched with Film 635646 / DGS 4032135. TO BE CORRECT: Film 635646 goes with Bautismos 1889-1895 -- DGS 4032135 (650 images); AND Film 635647 goes with Bautismos 1895-1902 -- DGS 4032136 (640 images).

An engineering request (RSD-5667) has been opened and will be worked on. This could take a rather long time due to the backlog, so please be patient. We will fix it as soon as we can and will try to let you know when it is fixed. We apologize for the errors.
Until then, we will have an entry in the associated Known Issues wiki listing for this and other problems with the collection.

 Kellimon 03:10, 24 October 2013 (UTC)