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For this film:

Mexico, Durango, Catholic...Church Records 1604-1985 > Cuencamé > San Antonio de Padua >
Bautismos 1890-1896, 1872, 1896-1911

  • Portions of the years 1901-1908 are intermixed on the film.  For example, portions of the year 1903 start on image 1725, after the year 1906.  Additionally, the year 1905 starts on image 1592, but then skips over several years to start again on image 1828.  One of the only practical ways to find many of these records is by looking for a record via indexing and then making note of the indexed page number to find the record -- you may need to jump through several series of books on the film with the same page number to find the record.
  • The entire film, if possible, needs to be reviewed to see if it can be put in chronological order.

ANSWER: Thank you for your comment. We will add a Known Issue item to address this out-of-order issue. However, the records will not be sequenced in chronological order at the browse point itself.

Kellimon 04:51, 17 March 2014 (UTC)

The below film is also intermixed, and the indexed record I was seeking did not contain a page number so I had to go hunting.  There are several different years at the front of the film, and then it "appears" to be chronological after that, only to jump around a bit.  In my case, there were two sets of 1836 records on the film, one of them containing the record I was seeking.  Additionally, the way "1836" is written in many of the records makes it appear as though it is "1896" including an inserted document on image 165 which is from 1896 -- this can be misleading.  Thank you!

  • Mexico, Durango, Catholic...Church Records 1604-1985 > Coneto de Comonfort > San Miguel Arcángel > Bautismos 1831-1841, 1856

ANSWER: We apologize for the intermixed records; however the camera operator films the records as presented. In the interest of capturing as many records as possible in the least amount of time, we cannot take the time to sort through billions of records. Kellimon 20:59, 8 May 2014 (UTC)