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I am having a difficult time reading the column headings for the 1876 Missouri State Census on  If anyone knows what they are and could add the info to this page, it would be very helpful.

According to Missouri resource sheet posted by the Dallas Public Library: "The 1876 census contains the name of the heads of households and the number of people by color and sex for the age categories of 0–10, 10–18, 18–21, 21–45, and over 45. The deaf, dumb, blind, and insane are indicated by sex and color. There are also data for livestock and agricultural productions."  (  

The "Both" column asks for the number of persons ages 6-18, and how many can read and write. Each set of categories is repeated for white and persons of color.

The livestock and agricultural products headings are:

Horses, Mules, Jacks (male donkeys), Jennets (female donkeys), Cattle, Sheep, Hogs

Bus [bushels] Wheat, Bus Corn, Bus Oats, Bus Barley, Bus Rye

Lbs Tobacco, Lbs Wool, Lbs Sugar

Tons Hay, Tons Hemp

Gallons Whiskey, Gallons Wine, Gallons Moleasses

FamilySearch has very readable copies but not for all the extant counties. See,1055507002 as an example with very easy to read headings.


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