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More Information About the FamilySearch Catalog Searching Problem

The searches should all be working properly now. If not, try refreshing the screen a couple of times. If that doesn't work, please report the problem using the feedback box.

Dorothy Horan

Report from FamilySearch Catalog

I'm not sure why I couldn't get the film number to work in the old Family History Catalog, so I cheated and looked it up in staff version. Here is what I found for 1000968:

Title: Index to marriages, early to 1900

Note: The records are indexed by the groom's surname, the first and third letters being used. Within this arrangement, similarly-sounding surnames are grouped together (an early version of the soundex).

Other title: New Hampshire. Registrar of Vital Statistics

Film information: Index to marriages - (Bo-Br) Brown to Bartlett

Dorothy Horan


How to Find the Original Source for this Marriage Record

I found a NH Marriage record and could not locate information about the original source record.  I followed link to the Wiki to explain how to track original source documents.  I tried to enter both of the last two references in the various fields and get "no results" or error messages.  When I tried entering the Source Film Number in the FHL film box on the Library Catalog, I received an error message saying "film numbers can contain only numbers and cannot be more than 9 digits long" -- I used only numbers and it's not longer than 9 digits.  So I don't understand HOW to find the original source record for this entry. HELP !

Marriage Index,, Miscellaneous, New Hampshire:

Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M73146-1
System Origin: New Hampshire-VR
Source Film Number: 1000968
Reference Number: 2:1L87SDN

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Family History Library Catalog.
  • Select Film/Fiche Search.
  • Enter the Source Film Number in the box. Make sure there are no spaces either before or after the number and press search. This should lead you to the title of the orginal source. In this case the original source is Index to marriages, early to 1900.
  • The record title is a link to the full catalog record. Click on the title.
  • The notes field of the catalog indicates that this collection is available on-line and includes a link.

Best of luck. Timothynb