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BYU Outlines are duplicates of these Wiki pages; therefore, the link to them has been removed. DiltsGD 20:40, 16 November 2010 (UTC)

Be slow to delete extinct, lost, or renamed counties. Please do not shorten the list of extinct or renamed counties. Each one was placed on the list for a good reason and there was a source that showed they were (1) on land now or once considered part of North Carolina, and (2) someone at some point considered them a North Carolina county. They were not pulled out of thin air. "Lost" means the county could have been lost to Tennessee, Virginia, or Kentucky. There may be a piece of paper with someone's ancestor's name that says they did something in one of these extinct or renamed counties and expressing the notion it was in North Carolina. If so, having that county on the list will help researchers understand where that county was and what happened to it. Deleting a county from the extinct list when it may be needed could result in difficulties for researchers. Leaving it on the extinct list when no one will ever have need of it will cause no difficulties for researchers. Being complete is more of a virture than brevity on a list of extinct counties.  DiltsGD 16:48, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

I agree that there are possibilities that someone may come across records for some counties which no longer are included in any lists.  I have been looking at the State Library of NC website in reviewing some of the extinct counties, which is what many of us use when trying to find if a county was once a part of NC, and here is a link to their list:

Also, they have a section on TN counties that were once a part of NC, and it reminds me about Washington District, which actually was a part of NC and there are records of it.  Most of the Washington District records are now in TN, but I think that district would be one that can be added to the template for NC.