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Dear Editor,

Thank you very much for  your help with re-formatting the North Cerney page and positioning or linking it to Gloucester Parishes! Now there is room to link other Gloucester parishes to the Gloucester page. Thank you for making the changes so quickly.  Putting the divisions in the document improved the appearance of the page and made the farm information available to those who have an interest in the subject.  (I included the information because it told so much about the life-style and occupational problems of the North Cerney residents--but not everyone would find that interesting.) The link to the library catalogue was very helpful too.  All the links you added make the page easier to use and more "user friendly." 

Also, please thank the people who approved the uploaded North Cerney photos so quickly. After uploading the pictures in the early morning hours, It was wonderful to have the photos approved the same morning and be able to insert photos in the North Cerney document  later in the day.

Realizing your time is valuable and limited in light of the fact that many people submitting information to WIKI every day and asking for help, I feel that you and your staff were very supportive and very responsive to my requests for help.  Thank you.  I just want to express my appreciation for the way you have helped and supported me to complete my part of the project so quickly.

I hope that the information and pictures that I have submitted will be beneficial to others who access WIKI Family Search in hopes of learning more about North Cerney.

Carol Ann Smith


Thank you for such wonderful content! Your work is appreciated.

Kara 17:13, 14 August 2010 (UTC)