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Are there plans to add the remaining County Probate records as these appear only to go through counties beginning with A-L.  Do the other counties exist on in your files (I.E, Pike, and Ross County, Ohio"?

Currently all of the counties except Allen County have waypoints online.  New records are being added daily.

Question#4: Fairfield County, Ohio, Index 1802-1887 is only for Volume 2, N-Z surnames. The index for records in Volume 1, A-M were missing when the digital images were created. Will Volume 1 be added when it is found?

ANSWER: We do not have a film for A-M. On Image 4 in the waypoint Fairfield>Indexes 1802-1887, the camera operator notes “Original of Vol.1 is actually 2 volumes, A-M and N-Z. I am unable to locate A-M.” We assume that was in the original repository and the Volume is not available.