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Under the heading How to Use this Record there are instructions on how to use a marriage index, not the census index which appears to be what FamilySearch has online of the Rhode Island 1885 State Census.

Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. We have replaced the incorrect information. Best of luck with your search! NBT

Searching within census records

It would be helpful if a search could be done based on the census year, location and FAMILY NUMBER.  I have found two people, of a family of four, based on the last name, but I suspect that the other two people do not have the same last name as the first two.  Being able to search by the Family Number would enable the searcher to find everyone listed in a single household even if the last names were different.

Unfortunately the records do not have an arrangement by household within each locality. If you have searched both the male section (listed first) and the female section and did not find the whole family, you will need to search page by page.
If you know the given (first) names of the other family members, you could place the given name in the appropriate box on the landing page leaving the surname box empty and then click on search. This should return a list of everyone with that particular given name. You could then browse the list for the appropriate family number.
There is also the possibility that part of the family was missed in the census.