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Use this page as a place to swap thoughts, suggestions, and chronicle the history of how we arrived at decisions regarding U.S. Census pages.

Scrum Notes - Friday 20 November (Planning Scrum)

Story: Make a list of colonial, territorial, or state censuses after the [State] Censuses Existing and Lost table

Planning Scrum Decisions

After the first table titled [State]: Existing and Lost Federal Censuses create a second table title [State]: Existing and Lost Colonial, Territorial, or State Censuses with a green header

Territorial censuses = census ordered by the territorial legislature. Those censuses ordered by the federal Congress of certain territories (1885, 1907) are considered federal censuses
list all censuses which at one time listed people by name, whether existing or lost (avoid listing statistics ONLY censuses)
follow pattern established in Massachusetts
For states where it is best to list counties list the shorter of (a) available, or (b) missing counties
Put guide stripes every other line
Place footnotes citing the source of information about the state censuses either in the heading of the table, or at the end of each year’s entry as seems best

Scrum Notes - Monday 2 November (End of Sprint Review and Planning)

Stories completed during 20 Oct to 31 Oct sprint:

  1. Finish adding Ancestry statewide indexes and images to the Online Population Schedules table. Est. 25 hrs./Actual 25hrs.
  2. Check for censuses to list on Online Population Schedule table. Est. 2 hrs./Actual 2 hrs.
  3. Create a boilerplate Available and Missing Censuses table. Est. 10.5 hrs./Actual 10.5 hrs.
Spontaneous Stories: None.

Learnings from 20 Oct to 31 Oct sprint:

  • links seem to be unstable and do not always work.

Next Sprint from 2 Nov to 14 Nov; End of Sprint Review and Planning 16 Nov.

2 Nov to 14 Nov Sprint Stories

  1. Double check links to Ancesty Library edition to delete references to "ProQuest" in the url. Est. 25 hrs. 8hrs already completed
  2. Available and Missing Censuses table - (1) copy the boilerplate to _______ (State) Federal Censuses Missing page, (2) modify the page as needed. Est. 35 hrs. 20 hours alread completed
  3. Link the Online Population Schedules and Available and Missing Censuses pages (1) if "partial" is in the year column, (2) at the "click here" sentence on the main page. Est. 13.5 hrs.
  4. Create a List of State Censuses and years for each state. Est. 17 hrs.
  5. Standardize left hand (year) column for each state.
  6. Make sure all footnotes say things they way we want them said, and consistantly across states. Est. 2 hrs.
  7. Make sure the source footnotes are standard and say the right thing for all states. Est. 5 hrs.
Additional Possible Stories None listed.
  • Rollout to Wiki: (1) Move Online Population Schedules tables to main census pages, (2) Move Available and Missing Censuses tables to a side page, (3) link the two tables.

2 Nov to 14 Nov Sprint Velocity

  • David 30 hrs. (on vacation most of the Sprint)
  • Patsy 12 hrs.
  • Pat 8 hrs.
  • Barry 15 hrs.
  • Jason ? hrs.

Scrum question- Thursday 29 October

I was on counter during scrum. I finished my states for the first story. That story is now finished. I believe I need some help with the next step. Hardestypn

Scrum Notes - Monday 26 October

  • Charlene finished the boilerplate Available and Missing Censuses
  • We discussed how to make Wiki footnotes using <ref> and </ref> and {{reflist}}.

Scrum Notes - Monday 26 October (End of Sprint Review and Planning)

Stories completed during 1 Oct to 19 Oct sprint:

  1. Put all federal population index and image links for on the Online Population Schedule links. Est. 3 hrs/Actual 5 hrs.
  2. Put links explaining when modern day states were enumerated under the name of an earlier territory, for example West Virginia once part of Virginia. Est. 25 hrs./Actual 10 hrs.
  3. Check for state censuses to add to Online Population Schedule table. Est. 2 hrs./Actual 2 hrs.
  4. Create a boilerplate Available and Missting Censuses table. Est. 10.5 hrs./Actual 10.5 hrs.
Spontaneous Stories: None.

Learnings from 1 Oct to 19 Oct sprint:

  • Our team is still getting better at estimating the amount of time that will be needed to finish a story.
  • Preparation work is valuable because it helps team members learn faster.
  • Our team met regularly even though some members were missing.
  • Missing members of the team make it harder to get work done.
  • It seems like it is taking forever to get things finished.
  • Defining terms and standards (must have 1/3 of counties to be considered a state census) helps make decisions.
  • It feels good to finish a story.
  • Sometimes it helps to break a big story into smaller pieces that are easier to finish.

Next Sprint from 20 Oct to 31 Oct; End of Sprint Review and Planning 2 Nov.

20 Oct to 31 Oct Sprint Stories

  1. Check for state population schedules - verify they have what they claim and include at least 1/3 of the counties at that time. Est. 20 hrs.
  2. Check for states censuses to list on Online Pop. Schedule table. Est. 2 hrs.
  3. Double check links to Ancesty Library edition to delete references to "ProQuest" in the url. Est. 10 hrs.
  4. Available and Missing Censuses table - create a boilerplate version. Est. 10.5 hrs.
  5. Available and Missing Censuses table - (1) copy the boilerplate to _______ (State) Federal Censuses Missing page, (2) modify the page as needed. Est. 20 hrs.
  6. Link the Online Population Schedules and Available and Missing Censuses pages (1) if "partial" is in the year column, (2) at the "click here" sentence on the main page. Est. 5 hrs.
Additional Possible Stories
  • Create a List of State Censuses and years for each state.
  • Standardize left hand (year) column for each state.
  • Make sure all footnotes say things they way we want them said, and consistantly across states.

1 Oct to 19 Oct Sprint Velocity

  • David 25 hrs. (on vacation most of the Sprint)
  • Patsy 10 hrs.
  • Pat 8 hrs.
  • Barry 10 hrs.
  • Charlene 30 hrs.

Scrum Notes - Thursday 22 October

  • Charlene finished the check story.
  • We discussed how to make Wiki footnotes using <ref>.

Scrum Notes - Thursday 1 October

Barry will work what he can on this Sprint. He has ffour shifts and a class to prepare

Pat has added a new story to the parking lot that needs to be completed before we roll this page out: On Ancestry Library edition, Proquest need to be taken out of the addresses where it appears or the links will not work. She spent 1 hr. on her wiki assignment

Patsy finished her last series of stated on the last story and is ready to start on the current story. She spent 4 hrs adding some rows and a website.

Please double-check before fussing too much with  ProQuest. I suspect like many things with Ancestry it works on and off. Make sure you understand when it will or will not work. Diltsgd 03:39, 9 October 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes - Thursday 1 October (End of Sprint Review and Planning)

Stories completed during 15 Sep to 30 Sep sprint:

  1. Add links for Heritage Quest Online to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state. Est.hours:15/Actual 13 hours
  2. Add links for to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state. Est.hours: 8.5/Actual: 6 hours
  3.  Add links for federal (and variations) to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state both (A) Indexes and (B) Images. 48 out of 51 states completed. Est. hours: 50/Actual 47 hours
Spontaneous Stories:
  • Find out where the missing territories are on the for 1860 and 1930 Actual: 9 hours
  • Add Population Schedule tables to U.S. territories of American Samoa, Cuba, Guam, Panama Canal Zone, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. Actual 7 hours

Learnings from 15 Sep to 30 Sep sprint:

  • Charlene invented a way of copying and pasting links for Ancestry that greatly helped speed the work.
  • links sometimes goes to a password login rather than to the search or browse feature targeted. Discussion revolved around the inconsistancy of this problem and its impact on users.
  • and World Vital Records are bothe subscription sites with partially free information.
  • Our team sometimes needs to be more cautious with "cut and paste" and make sure it makes the link we expect.
  • We are getting better at estimating hours.

Next Sprint from 1 Oct to 19 Oct; End of Sprint Review and Planning 20 Oct.

1 Oct to 19 Oct Sprint Stories

  1. Finish creating federal census links on each state Population Schedule Table. Est. 3 hrs.
  2. Add state census links on each state Population Schedule Table. Est. 25 hrs.
  3. Use Dollarhide to find states like present-day WV that may have had residents enumberated under the name of a different state or territory. Edit links on Pop. Schedule table to reflect this. Est. 25 hrs.
  4. Copy the Available/Missing table from Sandbox 17 to each state. Link it to Population Schedule table. Est. 40 hrs.
  5. Transfer Barry's data to Available/Missing table. Compare and match with state Pop. Schedule tables. Est. 50 hrs.
Additional Possible Stories
  • Add state censuses to each state's Available/Missing table.
  • Standardize the year column on each state Pop. Schedule table.
  • Make sure footnotes on each state Pop. Schedule table are visible, clear, and consistant with other states.

1 Oct to 19 Oct Sprint Velocity

  • David 5 hrs. (on vacation most of the Sprint)
  • Patsy 15 hrs.
  • Pat 15 hrs.
  • Barry 15 hrs.
  • Charlene 30 hrs.

Scrum Notes - Tuesday 29 Sep

Only two more states left of Ancestry federal population schedule story. Will probably finish later today and start state schedule story for Ancestry. Mike Ritchey visited and answered questions. Diltsgd 15:42, 30 September 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes - Monday 28 Sep

Most team members are finishing off their last three states of the Ancestry federal population schedule story.

David created online federal population schedule tables for the territories of American Samoa, Cuba, Guam, Panama Canal Zone, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands over the weekend. Diltsgd 15:42, 30 September 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes - Friday 25 Sep

David created a story regarding states that had been part of another state or territory and put the story in the sandbox. Today we talked more about that story and added an addendum story that there should be an explanation of related territories.

We're moving along and expect to be able to finish HQ, Footnote, and the Ancestry Federal stories by the end of this sprint--next Wednesday!

Genguide 17:01, 25 September 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes - Thursday 24 September

David - finished adding Ancestry links to FL, GA, HA; started NJ, NM, NY
Pat - started LA, ME, MD
Patsy - continuing MA, MI, MN
Charlene - continuing MS, MO, MT
Barry - added links for states that in 1860 were formerly part of another:

  • ND and SD part of Dakota Territory
  • ID part of WA Territory (Correction: UT Territory)
  • WV part of VA
  • WY part of NE Territory
  • NV part of UT Territory
  • AZ part of NM Territory
  • MT part of NE and WA Territory

Scrum Notes - Wednesday 23 September

Barry found eight states that seem to be missing from but otherwise is finished. Everyone else continues working on links. David added links for the 1890 census fragments online indexes and images, and the BYU Archives digital book index for 1890.

Charlene pointed out we should be careful to add links for states that were temporarily part of another state. For example, Minnesota was once part of Iowa Territory, or Idaho part of Oregon Territory and if a census was taken in what is a modern state under a different name, that should be noted.

Scrum Notes - Tuesday 22 September

Bary is working on and nearly finished with Everyone else is working on links.

Scrum Notes - Monday 21 September

Barry may be able to finish story today

Charlene and Patsy are working on the Ancestry story. Charlene developed a list of codes to help add links for Ancestry.

Pat and David, no sprint activity.

Scrum Notes - Friday 18 September

Relatively little sprint activity on Wednesday or Thursday due to a V.I.P. project for most team members.

Story completed:

  1. Add links for Heritage Quest Online to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state. Est. hours: 15; Actual hours: 13

End of next sprint: 30 September

Estimated hours the team can spend on the sprint ending 30 September: 87 hours.
15 Sep to 30 Sep Sprint Stories

  1. Add links for Heritage Quest Online to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state. Est. hours: 15
  2. Add links for to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state. Est. hours: 8.5
  3. Add links for federal (and variations) to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state both (A) Indexes and (B) Images. Est. hours: 50
  4. Add links for state (and variations) to the Template:Online Population Schedule for each state both (A) Indexes and (B) Images. Est. hours: 25
  5. TABLE: Available and Missing: Complete each state's table and link to appropriate spots on the "Online Population Schedule" Table, etc.

Scrum Notes - Tuesday 15 September (End of Sprint Review)

Learnings from this sprint:

  • It is easy to get sidetracked. While doing one task, there may be a temptation to take care of something else that is slightly related.
  • We were noticing how much more time we logged on the Wiki than on actual sprint tasks. There is a lot more Wiki time than there is sprint time.
  • Alaska censuses are a mess. What appears according to the title to be a "census" sometimes turns out to be a count of the seal or sea bird populations. Sorting out what is a census in the genealogical sense is time consuming.
  • It is harder than we expected to be able to estimate how many hours and how much we can commit to sprint tasks
  • It is good to have a team! We are grateful that some team members can help others who are struggling with time to spend on the sprint.
  • We need to keep better track of what we are doing in this note section of the Sandbox.
  • We each seem to interpret what is required in a story slightly differently. It was a surprize that some could accomplish a story five to ten times faster than others, that is, finished that many more states in the same amount of time.
  • We concluded that some kinds of stories may be better for just one team member to handle.
  • We are beginning to see how volunteers might be able to help us with some of our stories.
  • Some of our tables may be too big.

Stories Finished by 14 September

1. Create a template for the Online Population Schedule Table to appear on the census talk page for each state (to reduce the memory required) Time spent: 10 hours

2. Find all free statewide online federal and state/territorial/colonial censuse indexes and images. Add links. Identify columns to be added or deleted. Source to check:

  • Record Search
  • Google
  • State Archives
  • Census Finder

Time spent: 26.5 hours

Record Search Changes

Record Search Pilot has changed its look and format in the last few days. This affects our team in a couple ways:

1)  The main page no longer has the clickable map, only the search box. Select "Browse Our Record Collections" to see the clickable map (and subsequent list of records).

2)  When looking at the page with the search box for a census year, selecting the line "About This Collection" takes you to an article in the FamilySearch wiki, "U.S. Census Population Schedules, [year]." Perhaps we should be coordinating with the Record Search team so as not to duplicate efforts on some of the content that we're working on for the U.S. Census. (Has it been like this the whole time and I just missed it?) 

Genguide 17:04, 3 September 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes - Tuesday 1 September

Already finished story 1 from yesterday.

We are moving on to story 2. David will delete or add columns in the table as others complete their stories for various states.

In doing stories over several states, Charlene finds it is easier to keep a grid-like checklist showing states and sub-tasks completed.

Scrum Notes - Monday 31 August (End of Sprint Review)

Learning from this sprint:

  • We liked the smaller stories because it helped us to feel like we were accomplishing and finisheing more.
  • The scrum summary notes were helpful, especially if we missed the scrum. We need to make more scrum summary notes.
  • It was good to receive help, and give help to each other on various story parts.
  • The "discussions" or messages exchanged with Dsammy helped both him and us.
  • We may not need to scrum everyday. We often had little to report day-to-day, but some wanted to continue daily scrums.
  • We need to become better time-keepers and estimators:
a. We need to learn to estimate the time a story will require
b. We need to estimate our own velocity
c. We need to report the amount of time actually spent of a story
  • We were frustrated by the amount of movement in and out of our team. It causes concern we are not taken seriously.
  • It was suggested we break states into smaller groups of three so people who have less time can feel like they have finished their part of the story.

End of next sprint: 14 September

31 Aug to 14 Sep Sprint Stories

1. Create a template for the Online Population Schedules and Indexes Table. Put the template in each state. Est. 12 hrs.

2. Find all free statewide online federal indexes and images and all free state/territorieal/colonial census. Add links. Delete or add columns as needed. Use Record Search, Google, State Archives, and Census Finder to find these. Est. 25 hrs.

3. Check or add all HeritageQuestOnline links for each state. This include making sure the link is as specific as possible to the applicable year and state. Est. 51 hrs.

4. Check or add all links for each state. This include making sure the link is as specific as possible to the applicable year and state. Est. 25 hrs.

Sprint Velocity

  • David 35 hrs.
  • Patsy 25 hrs.
  • Pat 10 hrs.
  • Barry unavailable for estimate (still on vacation)
  • Charlene 30 hrs.

Ancestry Library Edition

I know that this relates to a later story but I checked "our" Ancestry Library edition links while at the Orem Library. The ones on the Alabama discussion page for the 1930 census work but take you to a different screen than the Sandbox 17 tables are using for the Ancestry Institution edition. (We have differing approaches to which Ancestry screen we want to link to.) Basically, the "code" is that you find the screen that you want to link to in the Ancestry Institution edition and change the URL to read "ancestrylibrary" instead of "ancestryinstitution" and it will link to the page of interest in the Library edition. I made the sample changes only on the Maryland table in Sandbox 17 for the 1930 index and images links.

CharleneGenguide 15:47, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

Scrum notes, Thursday, 20 August

Present: Jason, Charlene, and Pat

Charlene was confused by the wording for levels of links for indexes and images. Jason clarified that it's ok for "indexes" to link to a search box and for "images" to link to the ability to browse for that state. Note that the Table template for Record Search has the 1900 images mistakenly linked to the search box. This might be the only change that will need to be made in that first column.

Pat and Jason shared some shortcuts:

  • Create links on your user page (or user sandbox) to Sandbox 17 and to the census discussion pages for the states that you're working on. Then you can open new tabs to quickly move to each of the states as you make changes.
  • To open a new tab in Internet Explorer: 1) Click on the small, empty tab to the right of the file tabs at the top of this page, or 2) Right click on a link to select "open in a new tab," or 3) Press the CTRL key while clicking links (or use the middle mouse button), or 4) Press ALT+ENTER from the address bar or search box to open the result in a new tab.
  • Click any tab with the middle mouse button to close it.
  • Ctrl+N opens a new instance of the page you're viewing.
  • When on the edit screen, use the window icon (second from the right on the bottom row in the task bar) to have the edit view take up the full screen. This reduces the need to use the scroll bar to move to the right side of the page when you're editing.
  • When you're finished editing a page you don't need to scroll to the bottom of the page to "Save." Alt + S allows you to save your edits.

Charlene Genguide 19:14, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes 12 August 2009—Wedenesday

Present: Jason, Charlene, Patsy, David

1. Discussed Charlene's user sandbox.

2. Decided a way to give Charlene a chance to use her ideas without slowing down the progress of the team is to switch to using smaller stories. We will stop finishing entire states. Now we will work on stories across all states.

3. Story:

Step 1: Import the Online indexes and images section of Sandbox 17 into each of your 51 states census talk pages. This section consists of a heading and a table.
Step 2: Modify that table so it has the appropriate years for your state listed.
Note: Do NOT populate the table as part of this story.

4. David will add footnotes to the headers of the table in Sandbox 17.

Pat's Comments

1.  I liked parts of Charlene's sandbox, however I still like the tables. What is the difference between #1 & #2?

3.  So, we are not putting in our links. Correct? (Not yet, that may be a later story.)

ThanksHardestypn 18:53, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes 7 August 2009—Friday

Scrum Notes 7 August 2009
Topics Discussion Decisions
Consensus Document Mike created a consensus document and gave us a link to it. It was spawned by our constant revisiting the same issues and not moving forward. The core of it was establishing only changing direction once we’re in motion when we have 70% agreement, not just a majority.
Wiki changes New York page already has been changed by a heavy wiki user. This is going to happen. We must not get too possessive of our work and our states. The fact people will change the info is another reason for working in the discussion page, not the wiki page.
If changes become a problem we can find a way to ask other users to hold off while a group is doing their thing. Or they might invite the other person into the group to collaborate with them.
If change doesn’t create wrong info or serious problems, don’t sweat. Keep working on your project.
Where to go from here We seem to have changed direction so we need to revisit our stories, rewrite them, and revisit the tasks more realistically. If we don’t, our stories will never be finished. 1. Revisit our stories – possibly rewrite them
2. Determine our velocity (several did so)
3. Revisit the tasks we committed to. Do we have time to complete them?
4. If not, divide them into subtasks and put some back on the board for others to finish.
How to complete tasks a. We talked again about the order of the years in the table.
b. We also discussed whether to do things across the board for each state or a state at a time.
b. We need to decide whether we should be uniform in this matter or leave the decision to the individual
Prayer Decide whether to begin each session with prayer
Mike Mike will be on vacation for two weeks. Barry and Patsy will be gone much of the month of August. We must make mew sprint plans and move forward.
Scrum time The post-scrum work is causing the scrum schedule (10:00 and 10:30) not to work. There is not enough time between scrums This matter needs some reworking

New York State Page, etc.

The recent changes that have been made to the NY census page have convinced me:

  1. That changes can happen faster than I can pinpoint processes to describe. Therefore, I'm putting the whole description activity on hold.
  2. That we're not ready to actively involve the wiki community just yet.
  3. The necessity of having a holding place for sample state census pages.

My current plan is that I'll create a state page (Nebraska, because earlier I made several changes there) and place it in my user page sandbox (so as not to conflict with the template that's been imported to the Nebraska Census discussion page). When I have it looking the way that I want, it will be a sample of what Charlene proposes a state census page might look like.

Genguide 20:52, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Scrum Notes 6 August 2009—Thursday

Scheduling reference counters during scrum time. Yvonne Sorenson will schedule the 10:00 am counter shift with two names, for example, Kara/David. Kara would be on the counter for that hour, but David would be responsible to cover her counter during her scrum time.

Ruling: a majority does NOT create a concensus. The benevolent dictator has ruled that from now on the team has to have a concensus (approximately 70% super majority) before changing sets of pages. The purpose of this ruling is to prevent revisiting previous decisions and being trapped in "analysis paralysis."

  • Do NOT change the census page table. Keep the current template as it is with all three columns.
  • Do NOT change from 1940 first to 1790 first, or vise versa. Avoid changes that involve any work on changing templates or already-completed pages. If it requires anyone to change the form of something it goes against this ruling until a consensus for the change has been agreed on by the team.

How to add page. We will discuss the details of exactly how to "do" a census page tomorrow.

Scrum Notes 4 August 2009—Tuesday

Voted to switch from three column of on the front census page to just one column of Ancestry that takes the user to a side page with all three Ancestry option like on the old page. Vote was 4 to 3 until Michael asked to add his vote which tied the vote 4 to 4. David, as team leader then withdrew his vote which made it majority for one Ancestry column. Note: This decision rendered moot by ruling of 6 Aug.

Scrum Notes 3 August 2009—Monday

David - several changes to Sandbox 17 template over the last few days.

Barry - did another patron survey and over 70% like listing 1790 first.

Barry - believes we are advertising too much with three columns per year, and not promoting our own sites as much. We will take and official vote on this tomorrow.

Scrum Notes July 31, 2009—Friday

Attending: Mike, Barry, Charlene, Linda, Pat, Patsy. Absent: David

Topic Discussion Decision/Plan
Move Sandbox to Community page Charlene has found at least 10 places on WikiFS to discuss our pages. Do we want to move from Sandbox 17 or link to it from a specific page? For now we won’t change. But when we start next sprint we could discuss it
Partial census – yellow David changed the partial census square on the tables from red to yellow. We all like the change  
Logging progress David wanted this issue brought up in the meeting. We all reported our progress for the day: Linda working on New York. Showed us her printout of Federal Censuses followed by state censuses. It looked good. Charlene not assigned any states. She’s spending time defining the process of creating links, tables, etc. so work can include more people. Pat: Sick yesterday. Patsy: Put sandbox 17 template into discussion pages of all states. Now needs to work on states. Barry: I forgot his report. Jason: No time, no action.

Mike’s items

1. Sprint finished

2. Scrum master

1. We are through with our 2-week scrum sprint. Far from done. We’ll do another sprint starting after our next unit meeting. Short Sprints good to keep us on task.

2. Mike wants to appoint a scrum master, not from us, who can keep track of “burndown” and maybe more. Burndown is a way of showing how far we are from finishing our tasks

1. We’ll do a “retro” or debriefing in Unit meeting and if possible plan for next sprint. In retro we’ll discuss what stories got done and each determine own velocity.

2. Mike hopes to appoint a scrum master

Placing of population schedules together Pat suggested in earlier scrum to place all population schedules – federal and state together. Linda did it with New York and thought it was a good idea. She showed a printout of it. David integrated his state and federal schedules into a single table for Alabama. It worked well for that state. But NY has too many state censuses. We like putting all population schedules together with non-population schedules after. It depends on the number of state schedules whether it’s best to integrate the schedules or not.

"Hovering" over text

The question has been asked, "Can we have expanded text pop up when we hover over a cell or text?" I'll be playing with it but it seems that the answer is "yes." On the "Help" page we see three buttons. When you hover over these buttons you see just the kind of pop-up text that has been discussed. Perhaps someone on the team that understands more about wikitext can have more (and quicker!) success than myself.

Genguide 16:53, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

In today's meeting Michael explained that in order to make the "hovering" work, the WYSIWYG editor for that page has to be turned off. This means that no one would be able to edit any page for which we want to use "hovering." It has to do with the image maps that are employed. And I was so hopeful....

Genguide 17:52, 4 August 2009 (UTC)

Where do we "discuss?"

To enable the community to participate in the U.S. Census wiki project, it'd be nice if there was one place where we direct them to discuss the development. My suggestion is to use the Discussion page on the Community Portal U.S.Census Project. (The Community Portal can be selected from the right-hand menu found on many pages. Under "Projects Seeking Contributors" select the link to "FamilySearch Wiki: Wiki Project U.S. Census." This currently links to a page that's outdated. I suggest that it be linked to Sandbox 17--or that the contents of Sandbox 17 be moved to this page.)

Because David asked, here's a list of the many places a user might choose to comment on the U.S. Census Project:

  • Sandbox (17, 18, or 19)
  • Individual user pages (such as my own, where I began my incomplete census work)
  • U.S. main page
  • U.S. census page
  • State main page
  • State census page
  • U.S. Forum
  • Community Meeting
  • Community Portal
  • "FamilySearch Wiki: Wiki Project U.S. Census"

Genguide 21:00, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

US Census Team 30 July 2009—Thursday

Each team member is pasting Sandbox 17 (template) into one or more states, and then modifying them to fit each state. Several seem to be putting these templates in the "[State] Census - Discussion" page until they complete work on it.

Team decision: Move state, territorial, colonial, and other censuses section between the Federal Population Schedules and the Federal Non-Population schedule sections.

Comment: After implementing the above decision I noticed it may be best to combine Federal and State population schedules as much as possible. For example, see "Alabama Census" for now Discussion page but later the regular page.

Diltsgd 15:04, 31 July 2009 (UTC) ___
1) Since this is where we seem to be working on the U.S. census pages, should we delete (unlink?) the U.S. census page that appears on the wiki community pages?

2) The tables are looking better each time. With the table of Online censuses:

  • I suggest making the heading all one color.
  • Note: FamilySearch Record Search does NOT link to free images from Footnote unless you're in the FHL.
  • Since the Census Bureau only has 1790 transcriptions, should that column appear on the table?
  • What might be a better word than "Partial?" "Partial" is also used to indicate an online work-in-progress. "Some?"
  • It's great to have the headings repeated at the bottom of the table!

3) Linking to other pages has certainly cleaned up the census page.

Response: 1) I'm not easily finding the link that needs to be changed. Please describe it more so I can find it. You are welcome to change the link to the more appropriate spot if you like. 2) Tables

  • We are using different colored headings on purpose in order to emphasize the different sections (free, free at some libraries, and pay). Originally the heading color was uniform, but we were asked to use slightly different colors to emphasize sections.
  • I was aware that for Record Search (Pilot) at least 1860 did not have images. Are you saying the census page images for other census years don't work outside the FHL?

Comment: Outside the FHL, the links to census images on Record Search (Pilot) takes you to an ad to subscribe to Footnote, not to the images. I haven't checked for any census images that might have been added in the past six weeks.

Genguide 21:04, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

  • 1790 still belongs on the chart even if it is just a transcription because it is "online."
  • So far I'm partial to partial. Come up with a better word and we'll change in a heartbeat. "Some" isn't even close to as good as "partial."

Keep those thoughts and suggestions coming. Diltsgd 15:46, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Genguide 16:17, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

I like the word "Partial." "Some" makes it sound like we left out the records or the site has left out the records. I don't won't to go to the word "missing" or "extant" then we would have to explain too much. It is a partial census, missing records. 

Hardestypn 02:51, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

Comment:  I haven't been able to think of a better word than "partial."

Genguide 20:46, 31 July 2009 (UTC)